School issued laptops: Should School Students be issued laptops by their school?

  • Yes,its a necessity.

    Of course..There would be no hassle for children of carrying bags and forgetting books. All things in one laptop. Teacher can not only teach in digital way but children would also be able to use the internet as a reference to their topics and will be able to access educational websites.

  • School issued laptops good idea

    School issued laptops are a good idea regarding the school system, especially in regard to middle to low income families; also in regards to families with more than one child when laptops or tablets are required in class. This takes a severe financial burden off of the parents to supply, not to mention to maintain the latest and greatest in comparison to other children in classes.

  • No schools should not issue laptops.

    Laptops should be something either earned by the student themselves, or something they were given by their parents, schools should not issue them. Most schooling is done fine by normal computers and the school system would just be wasting money if they were to issue laptops to their students, would cut into the education budget extremely.

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