• Read the debate title: "School libraries should NOT censor book choices. "

    If you were a parent, Would you want your child reading erotica, Or a gore. Well I have no clue what you said. I ASSUME you said no. I feel as though some books should be censored. You shouldn't be able to find 50 shades of gray at a elementary school library,

  • Absolutely agree, 100%

    3 main reasons:

    1) Parents should be able to restrict what their own children read but have no influence over what others' children read

    2) Reading books that offer windows into other walks of life, Past, Present, Or future, Are some of the best mechanisms for emotional and social development and maturing among students

    3) A lot of the books that are most commonly requested to be removed from libraries are actual the ones that can teach them the most about the world.

    I suppose the argument could be made for an age minimum for various books. Six year-olds should probably not be reading erotic novels or detailed accounts of wars filled with gore. How those minimums should be set is a subject for another debate.

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