• For more learning

    Kids need to learn more add more hours school And more time to focus and learn about school stuff and they would have more time to Get ready or have more time after school meeting They need hours of time to get ready for class and Maybe have naps to sleep.

  • Time to study

    Physically, adolescents who are student can absorb various educational study better than adults. This is because, brain are degenerated after nearly 25 years old. Thus, students are having a nice time to study the academic subjects in the school. We can find our interests and fitted-vocations after graduating the colleague. If we discourage increasing time to stay in school, it means we take their opportunities to develop their academic skills.

  • Yes if they get rid of homework

    I personally still go to school everyday and if there was one extra hour of school a day then there could be no homework (replace the hour for homework with another lesson). In places like Switzerland they have no homework and yet they still (on average) get higher results/grades than us. You say it would stress kids out more but in fact for prep for exams it would be better because there is a teacher there to help you with any questions you have. Yes nowadays you have the internet for answers but the majority of the time the subject expects you answer in a certain way. There are so many exam boards now that most of the time you haven't answered the question as best you could of when you use the internet. Yes you could use textbooks but it always takes forever to find the page you are looking for. I know that I would probably complain about the length of school if it increased but I ( we all) do anyway, But as a student I can see how it would help in the long run.

    Posted by: l204
  • I heart sleep i need it time to myself

    Humans need sleep to get through the day and more hours of focusing like 7 hours is enough plus with people so that means drama so friends are making u tired plus the teachers. Then at the end of the day u are pooped out then thinking about homework is like a extra 3 to 4 hours of school so we pretty much have more school hours

  • Its too stressful.

    Surprisingly, a very large amount of teens come home from school stressed out and depressed because of the amount of work teachers put on them and because of other kids bullying them. With more hours added to school, that would cause them to have more work and allow them to be bullied longer

  • No Real Benefits

    The only argument for this is that it could help you learn skills, when in reality the only goal of many classes is to prepare you for the ACT. Spending extra time learning things such as the Pythagorean Theorem will do little to improve yourself, and it's already drilled into your head enough during current school hours. All this would do is greatly increase stress levels which would no doubt up the suicide rates for teenagers and ultimately lead to higher dropout rates as well.

  • Where is the time to prepare?

    I'm a junior in high school and seeing that half of the people who have polled agree that more hours should be added to a normal 8-hour school day not only stresses me out but also cause me to have an anxiety attack. My reasons behind this are I am having to prepare for my SAT s and ACT s, with minimal time to study, pay off my car bill, do my extracurricular activities and be able to see my family. More hours added would mean the inability for most students to have time for any of these. My question to all people: parents, non-parents, etc. is how would you feel if you had to watch yours or another person's child struggle with the effects of this situations?

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  • It stresses kids out

    People come home negative because of school. So it stressed kids out and there shouldnt be more time in school because kids also have home work and its not right to add more time. Also i dont think its wrong to add hours if we add hours kids will only have a tiny bit of time to have free time.

  • No NO NO

    Students need time after school for other commitments and to relax. Many students have jobs or clubs or sports that they are involved in, plus homework, and on top of that, they need time to breathe. It's hard enough as it is to juggle that with the hours we have now. Extending them would burn us out and drive us toward insanity.

  • School could use less hours if anything.

    What? More indoctrination? More common core? More standardization? We want to strip students of what makes them human- individuals- and turn them into mindless, obedient, middle-class workers who never gave a second though about "life"? Well this is what public schooling is about. Rid them of their creativity, rid them of their personality. And what remains is nothing more than an empty, conforming shell which compliantly accept society's demands , just for the sake of society's "well being". Forget their own well-being. Forget the sake of the -individual. Of course, why should a person ever matter? Well, that is what public schooling adheres to.

    Might we yearn for a civilization which emphasizes the needs, the self-actualization of the individual? But no, we are bound to a circular grid-lock of "listen, obey. Listen, obey." Students are not pawns.

  • More School=More Stress

    Seven hours a day. At least one hour of homework. Only two days of break. Twelve years of school. (not counting pre-school, kindergarten, drop-outs, or college.) kids now have more stress about school then kids did 30 years ago. When i went to school i could have a friend over for a couple of hours and be fine, but if my kids did that they would have to finish it the next morning. If it does come to a conclusion of more school then they should do away with homework.

  • We're humans not robots!

    How do you expect anyone to wake up early in the morning, go to school for 8 hours, complete at least 5 hours of homework daily, take AP classes, and still have time for extracurricular activities? As a student, I can safely say that the school system already over works their students through excessive testing, and endless hours of homework. School is already so stressful because I know many kids who would rather die than go to school in the morning. This is why many students suffer from anxiety and depression and many other illnesses that I have experienced first hand. Although a few more hours many benefit students, it will only cause more harm than good because the system already treats their students like robots. What's the point of going to school when the students aren't well rested? Adding more hours will result in less time for sleep and many students are already sleep deprived. Students won't benefit from additional school hours because students will come to school not well rested and unproductive. Therefore, adding more school hours will only hurt the student, not help them.

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