School searches of student lockers: Are locker-search important in fighting student crime?

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  • Only if we suspect something

    We shouldn't just randomly search kids lockers; it's an invasion of privacy. I think that locker searches should be initiated only if somebody suspects that a student has stolen something from them. The search should be done in ptivate and the owner of the locker should be notified right before the search and given a chance to either confess or plead innocent beforehand.

  • Locke Search Should Only Be Needs Based

    I do not believe locker searches help fight student crime. I believe the only time locker searches truly help anyone is if there is a clear need to search a locker (ie. Someone complains of missing items and suspects a specific person). Otherwise I feel like locker searches probably get students in trouble who were not outwardly causing trouble.

  • Locker searches are not important in fighting student crime.

    Students who are determined to break the law will find a way to do it. Searching lockers for weapons or drugs is only a palliative solution. More time and money should be spent on preventing crime in the first place, rather than just looking for evidence of crimes. Students could also hide dangerous materials elsewhere.

  • No, when we treat kids like criminals we prepare them for a life of distrust and crime.

    From building schools that look like prisons to conducting locker searches, children are continuously treated more like criminals than citizens, making their path toward a bleak future even more likely. Searches do not fight student crime, but only offer disrespect to students in general. To fight student crime, teachers and administrators need to respect students first.

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