• Well you see, Oppression.

    "I think you might like the fact that I am 14, Younger than you. If you want any proof, Look at any one of my videos, I promise you that you will not see an adult in them. I feel oppressed by society due to restricted opportunity. I do not have the right to vote, To drive, To own or rent property, I barely have any right to work, And I cannot sue or be sued in case of a civil matter. If I go on vacation, I have to walk or cycle there, And I have to sleep in the streets, Because no hotel will take me. And for the point we were discussing, I am indeed not allowed to consent to sex.

    I am questioning my chronophilia. I don’t know if I’m an ephebophile or a teleiophile. In other words, I don’t know if I’m attracted to those a few years older, Or to those a few decades older. The thought of having sex with one of the two puts butterflies in my tummy, Because I know that at any point these people can turn on me and rape me, Or something like that (because of power imbalance), But I can sense that there is definitely an attraction there. I am also submissive, So that power imbalance has an opposite effect too - it both repels me and attracts me at the same time. It puts me in a very weird position.

    I am also much more tolerant than most. I tolerate an enormous amount of things, Including drawn bestiality porn, Cannibalism (if the person was dead already and they or their family said they could), And a whole lot of other things. But one thing I don’t tolerate is age inequality. In fact, I am a die-hard supporter for age equality, Meaning I’d literally die for it, As long as my death helps the cause. The thing is, It feels wrong to me to treat someone differently because of age. This isn’t an issue of whether or not I want adults to exually assault children or not. Even if they did, The children can always say no and take them to court. But my beliefs stretch further than that, The age of consent thing was something that kind of envelops itself in age equality.

    You’re not that much older than me, I honestly don’t see how you can just be fine with this, Having your rights stripped of you, Having to wait. I feel like when I was born, I was put in prison for 18 years, And now I’m waiting for my release date. I don’t get how you don’t feel it either. " - A wise man called KK

  • Good in theory.

    In theory, The idea of skill-based education will benefit children and give them more opportunities to progress. But consider those who are advancing or those who are moving slowly. They will be disadvantaged by this method of education.

    Most children enjoy having the same students with them through the years. They don't want to have to be with different other kids every time they reevaluate your skill (probably annually). If you hold them back, You're also making those who aren't doing so well feel ashamed. They see other kids who have been doing the same things for the same amount of time, And succeeding at them, While they're being stuck in the same school, Struggling. Perhaps it's time we separate education from socialization, For children. But that's a whole other discussion that I haven't given too much consideration.

    Another thing you might want to keep in mind is the fact that most of what you want is already in place. I only know about American schools, But we have opportunities for children to advance. The only issue with this, That I can see, Is that it's largely up to the parents to choose the path for their kids. But ideally, You can advance if you want. We also have it so that you can get held back if you don't succeed, Which I kind of disagree with, But I don't see an easy alternative.

    So yes, That was kind of rambly, But if you want children to have better lives, This isn't holding them back to have them advance each year, Based on age, Not skill. The alternative would discriminate more than age-based education does in the first place.

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