School should prepare you for life, not tests.

Asked by: John95
  • School Can Do Both

    I disagree with what this question is trying to get at, which is that school only gets you ready to test, and nothing else. Not true. Perhaps in most cases, the actual material will only ever be used again for a test, but the skills practiced and utilized in learning, remembering, and applying the material are the kind that can often be needed later in life.

  • School should be life prep, not test prep.

    Life is not a multiple-choice test! Life is a varied, complex, yet ultimately telling pursuit. School should prepare you for this because what comes once you leave school for good? Life does. Schools should focus on courses and/or classes that teach you about life in the real world. At my school, we have courses such as Living on Your Own. School should be a test of your readiness for life without it!

  • I agree that schools should prepare you for life, but ...

    They already do prepare us for life. Many students think about how useless the math they're learning class is (e.G. "When are we ever going to use trigonometry in our every day lives?"). Well, you'd be quite surprised. Any job involving computers, engineering, business, or the economy (and that's quite a lot of jobs, mind you), is going to involve some kind of specific application of math, which is why schools teach that kind of stuff. It's not just for mathematicians. It's for a large majority of jobs.

  • Life prep and test prep are practically the same

    Students need to learn that there whole lives are going to be full of tests. It's true that life is not filled with pen and paper tests, but in life, it is important to be able to show what you know, and perform well under pressure. If you think about it, everything is a test, from a job interview to dinner with your fiance's family.

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