School uniform: Are school uniforms a meaningful preparation for future careers?

  • School uniforms prepare children for the future

    School uniforms are very helpful to a young child who may be influenced by other children making fun of him/her. They help the parents as well, by making it easier to shop for their childrens clothes. The uniforms in todays society are very helpful to young children in this generations schools.

  • It give student direction on profession dress

    Yes. I think that school uniforms prepare students for their future careers. Uniforms, depending on the style are at the least business casual. It give the students an idea of how professional in a business setting should dress. It also may alter so actions that fad clothes seem to bring out in students.

  • They are expensive and pointless

    Every single year, my parents are forced to spend £200+ on my school uniform: school shirts, a blazer, a school badge, a tie, a specially made knee length school skirt that can't be rolled up, plain black shoes, pe shorts, pe shirts, pe trainers and a pe jumper which all have to be bought from the specialised school uniform shop. This is very unfair on parents, as not everyone can afford to spend that amount of money every year on a uniform. Whilst all throughout July, we are sitting in a stuffy classroom in our thick blazers and ties which we aren't allowed to remove, our teachers are wearing summer appropriate clothing. I find this very unfair, as we are not even allowed to remove our blazers outside school, and we will be given a detention if we are caught without a blazer outside the school, regardless of how hot the weather is.

  • No they don't.

    Through elementary and middle school I had to wear uniform and it doesn't even resemble outfits that adults in these future careers wear. My teachers dress business casual or formal attire and they don't look as hideous as the uniform. My high school has a dress code and I think that helps even better. Most workplaces don't provide you with uniform anyways but they do address you with a dress code.

  • School uniforms are not meaningful preparation for future careers

    Telling children what to wear does not prepare them to make decisions on appropriate clothing choices for their future work environment. It does prepare them to enter a work force which is expected to wear a uniform in order to perform the duties of the job. It prepares them to be told what to do and what to wear for the duration of their schooling and eventual career without ever having to worry about having to think for themselves.

  • Conformity corrodes society

    Very few careers actually necessitate the use of uniforms, and many of them technically aren't careers - we're talking low, sub-living wage retail and fast food jobs. Other jobs require you to look a little bit businesslike, but there's still plenty of room to share your identity with others. Schools should not require students to conform, but rather express their individuality as people.

  • School Uniforms are not a Meaningful Preparation for Future Careers

    The act of wearing a school uniform on a regular basis is not a meaningful preparation for future careers as it has very little if anything at all to do with the future careers. Careers are more dependent upon skills and knowledge than they are of a person's ability to wear a uniform.

  • School uniforms are not a meaningful preparation for future careers.

    School uniforms are not a meaningful preparation for future careers. Parents should raise their children to dress appropriately. School uniforms take away your character and does not reflect on your future careers. I think anyone that gets a decent job should be allowed to choose the way that they dress.

  • Uniforms are not entirely a bad idea, but not for career preparation

    I don't think uniforms help to prepare the student for their future career. There is such a thing as office dress code, but it's not a uniform. Wearing a uniform and looking the same as everyone else in class has nothing to do with preparing for working in an office. Instead, students could be required to imitate business suits / outfits to a certain degree.

  • No, It Does Not Help

    No, school uniforms are not a meaningful preparation for future careers. School uniforms are usually only imposed in a pre-college setting (high school, middle school, etc). This will not make any difference in career preparation once the student gets to college. Furthermore, school uniforms are usually a reaction to stem bullying or gang activity, and are not put in place with the future in mind.

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