School uniform: Are school uniforms better than a dress codes?

  • School uniforms are better!!

    School is not supposed to be a fashion show, you don't need to express yourself in school. Just go to school, learn and go home. Dress codes are very sexist towards women and uniforms create equality between the sexes. I have been to schools with both a dress code and uniform. Uniforms are so much better!

  • Purpose above appearance

    Uniform helps to focus on purpose above appearance.....In school studies are important than focusing on clothes....Student have their valued place in society and uniform plays important role in their recognition with just first look people get to know and students get due respect.... Also class bunking becomes difficult for students

  • Yes, uniforms are better than dress code

    Uniforms are better because it takes the stress out of the students. What I mean was if you have a bunch of homeworks from high school, you are planning to have it finish it as soon as possible. But then it puts more pressure on the students cause they have to also waste their time choosing what to wear.

  • School unis are better than dress codes.

    I think that school uniforms are a better alternative to strict dress codes. A good uniform can give the students a sense of togetherness. It also frees their minds from having to worry about what to wear in order to fit in with the rest of the classmates that they have.

  • I think so

    I think that school uniforms work better than dress codes because it is a more simple solution. It has other benefits too. Kids would be less distracted by fashion if they wear uniforms, and they can still express their individuality through clothing when they get home or on weekends (pretty much outside of school). Uniforms also take away from bullying a little bit too.

  • School uniforms are better than a dress codes.

    School uniforms dispense with the ambiguity of a dress code. Students may be able to argue and split hairs about the rules of a dress code, whereas the rules with uniforms are more clear cut. Although the intentions of these two methods are the same, a uniform policy has much better results.

  • Uniforms Are Simpler

    I believe uniform policies are far better than a dress code. I think a lot of time, in school settings, dress codes are patched together with a string of rules that have been put together based on experiences. I think it is far better to be proactive and implement policies that eliminate all of the problems, either realized or potential.

  • School uniforms are better than dress codes

    School uniforms are better to have in effect than dress codes. This is because of the fact that studies on school uniforms have proven that students are more docile, and follow rules more often when using school uniforms. Students are also not preoccupied with their personal style of dress when wearing uniforms.

  • Yes school uniforms are better than dress codes.

    The use of school uniforms takes away a great deal of the stress that some students endure during the school year. If all students are wearing some version of the same uniform it provides less distraction and less mental abuse to the children. Dress codes can be circumvented and distract educators from their work, by having to deal with students who are abusing the dress codes.

  • Yes, school uniforms are better than dress codes.

    I believe that it is much better to require students to wear school uniforms rather than trying to enforce dress codes. My daughter's high school had a dress code, but it was largely ignored because the administrators were dealing with more serious discipline problems. So girls wore low cut shirts, guys wore jeans that fell below their hips, you name it. School uniforms would eliminate that problem because everyone would look the same.

  • I'm a student of OAVS now. . My name is Anuradha Das. . .

    I think uniform is better than stylish dress. I know some of u are thinking stylish dress but sorry for going against u. . Uniform is our sympathy /symbol of we students. . . It maintains equality between all students. . And last of all I think that, I am not telling u to stop making style, But style should be out of school. . . It does not matter anything out of school. . . Thanks. . 👍☺

  • School uniforms suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi I am a a student from lasalle green hills in the phillipnes and I wear
    uniforms but they suck cause I have always wanted to wear something diffrent in school and style is a good thing cause i get to express myself and also you still need to buy uniforms which is very expensive but you already can wear clothes that are given by your uncle or whatever so yeah.And by the whoever said that uniforms remove stress they are lying cause i am stress as helllll

  • School uniform are boring

    We could be a lot happier if we get a more comfortable and updated uniform. The uniform is out dated and it is boring to Wear the same clothes every day. We could do with more than one type of uniform in different colors and styles and wear them alternatively.

  • School uniforms have no freedom

    If we give all children in the school the same uniform, they might not be comfortable in that uniform. We should allow them to choose what uniform they are comfortable with and what they want. This will increase their ability to learn, perhaps. Students might not not be bored by the same uniform each day

  • No Freedom Whatsoever!

    A school uniform is 1, boring and 2, limiting to the students. A lot of us hate being like everyone else. A dress code gives you more freedom to express ypurself, and show your personality. Clothes shouldn't affect the way you write sentences! Say you had an emo child in your class, they'd hate wearing a white uniform. If you had a more wide range guideline, we'd all be much happier!

  • No individuality or freedom.

    If you let a person choose what they want to wear they'll be a whole lot happier than wearing the same boring thing everyday. People get to be free to choose what they want and gives them a sense of individuality, which can help in the future and scary, big world. Plus, you look so much nicer when you can pick your clothes you want to wear.

  • School Uniforms Suck

    If we give children in school uniforms to wear, they will be unhappy. Do you want to make your children unhappy? You will if you make them look the same as all the other kids around them. Nobody is born the same, so we should not all dress the same. Why parents and schools do this; i don't know. It's stupid. It's unnecessary. It won't help anybody but yourselves, you lazy parents.

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