• Uniforms are good!

    I believe uniforms are good because they are equalizers, me as a school student would hate to have no uniforms, it would be a world of bullies and nasty comments. I believe that all school students should look presentable for their school, when a parent is looking for a school for there child, they want a guaranteed excellent education for them. They are looking at the dress code and the wonderful students in the school. Imagine if someone was rich and someone was poor, the rich person with lots of the latest fashion clothing, and the poor with something plain and not up to the standard of others, it would be a world of pain, getting picked on and left out for not dressing in the 'latest fashion' you would be left out of groups, you would be stared at, you would be embarrassed, you would hate to be that person. Thank you for reading my side of view, i believe school uniforms should be worn in all schools.

  • Prevent from bullying and gangs

    There is bullying going on Usually in a private school which does not have a school uniform, they compare their clothes, the girl that is so stylish will bully the girl that always wear the same clothes.According to research roughly about 160,000 students miss school everyday due to the fear of discrimination from other students.

  • Typically kids are worried about how they look everyday

    My son (12) is always wineing about that new shoe or cloth piece, it would make everyone that has this problem a whole lot easier. Everyone looks the same but not to a scary perspective. You can still change it up, roll up sleeves, and jewelry, also for boys shoes, your not at all trapped as it might seem.

  • More focus on school work

    Kids more worry about other kids clothes than their work.That is why the schools grades are going down fast.AT MY SCHOOL WE HAVE A STRICT DRESS CODE AND THEY WORRY MORE ABOUT OUR CLOTHES THAN OUR EDUCATION AND THATS NOT RIGHT!SO SCHOOL DRESS CODES ARE GOOD.SO PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE

  • Yes Yes Yes

    School uniforms may help keep students safe. Many young boys and girls wear some inappropriate clothing which may lead to bad things happening to them. Concern for the safety not how you think how bad or good youll look in them. Thats the problem in this age with school uniforms

  • Uniform are helpful

    I think uniforms allows us to represent our school and what happened if you got lost on a school trip and you are not wearing your uniform? That would be awful! So uniform makes us look smart and represent our school not make us look silly and get us bullied

  • They are cheaper

    Having to buy own clothes that fit with any dress code/ requirements, as well as choosing sport kit etc. is actually very expensive as the child will always be wanting new, fashionable clothes to fit in with their peers, whereas school uniform, while initially it may seem expensive, is actually cheaper in the long run as shirts, skirts, trousers etc. will last for a long time, and nearly every school that has a uniform has some sort of second hand sale that makes it even cheaper.

  • They are good

    They help kids

    They help by not letting other kids bully by picking on there clothes. It is better to wear something that fits in with everybody else so you won't be so venerable to being bullied. I wished kids won't be the way they are now adays. It sucks to be a kid in this generation

  • They help kids

    They help by not letting other kids bully by picking on there clothes. It is better to wear something that fits in with everybody else so you won't be so venerable to being bullied. I wished kids won't be the way they are now adays. It sucks to be a kid in this generation

  • We should wear uniforms

    We should wear uniforms because it stops bullying. We also should have uniforms because some kids don't know what's appropriate for school and if they don't know what's appropriate there wear crop top's and really short short's. We should also have uniform's so no one gets jealous of other people clothes. And if you want to a void fighting all of that stuff you should go to a school with uniforms. I hope my little story convinced you that uniforms are a great thing to have and I hope you have a great day and that you left leaving this site thinking that uniforms is a great thing to have! When I was done with this I saw that I wrote more than 50 words oops hahaha!

  • Why should schools choose what we wear

    Why should schools choose what we wear. Its not like they are buying it for us. It gets more expensive as yu move up into high school. We need to be able to express ourselfs. Its not always suitable for the weather. Like in the corrunt heat wave is a thick heavy black blazer neccesary. In fact it distacts us from our earning because we ae to hot to bother about learning. Uniforms are practically 75% usless.

  • They cost too much

    They may cost too much money and they may make you look bad in front of others. But when you start using clothes to go out you wont be made fun of by bullies and look nice and stop worrying about what you are wearing for your perfect day at school :)!

  • Uniforms are useless! No!

    Uniforms are useless. What's the point for uniforms? Its just wasting money. We only wear uniforms for school. Which is really silly. And the teachers are always saying" Don't let anyone tell you what to wear" But um, excuse me you are telling us what to wear so therefore they are big liars. They are way too strict with it too. Maybe it wouldnt be so bad if they werent on our backs for everything. " tuck in your shirt" You can't wear that sweater" Please at least we are wearing the right color. I hate it . Uniforms are not useful. It makes us feel uncomfortable. We want to go to a good school, but uniforms are driving us away! So I say no to Uniforms! And Please Teachers! Uniforms are not the best choice. And when we do get non-uniforms days , they still get on our backs about it which isn't even one bit cool.

  • Uniforms don't improve anything!

    School uniforms don't improve attendance except for cases of expulsions, and those could have been prevented if the school's didn't even have such strict dress codes. No piercings except for the ear is completely over the top, and students have their rights, some sheet of paper sould not determine what students wear in school.

  • Nope nope nope

    I as a student now that school uniforms aren't good because I makes you feel imprisoned within the school so you don't feel exited about it. If school uniforms were banned it would give students an oppurtunity to express themselves better than only thought their work. Thanks for reading my argument.

  • Bad bad bad

    They say it helps with bullying but bully's will just find something else to bully you about.
    And they don't let you express who you are. Plus they aren't that comfortable. I don't want to wear a sweater or nice pants five days a week. I prefer sweat pants an a t shirt and that is one of my freedoms.

  • I don't think their good

    I think uniforms are bad because they show no style and fashion and they are probably itchy and uncomfortable. They are expensive and to buy them for a whole school would be very expensive it might make you get bullied outside of school. NO MORE SCHOOL UNIFORMS TOTALLY FREE COUNTRY

  • School uniforms are not needed

    They say it helps from bullying thats like the only good thing in my eyes. As a teen all i can say is that it makes it hard to show who you are with a uniform people i know like to show who they are and how the feel that day with what they wear.Other students do bully for it but in my eyes its the person being them selfs and dont care if they do then really what can they do. The statement on the good was saying it helps prevent bulling but it dosent people do it for weight looks and also other schools with no uniform can bully them for the uniforms like no way to avoid students or people to be rude to each other its human nature it always have been and it will remain.

  • Uniform is not good at all

    What is uniform going to make you?? Is it going to make your grades better?? Is it going to get you a good job?? We might look like smarter boys, dressed well but we have to look at the little things that we will get out of this. Is a uniform going to make us brighter in the future…? NO so why bother using it now??

    Parents and caregivers spending at least $145 to $500 dollars. Every term the uniform get smaller or it’s ripped and that’s why money is getting wasted!! It just eliminates all diversity.

  • Everywhere else doesn't wear uniform

    Most countries don't have uniform so why do we have ti wear uniform we don't fit in with the world . Students don't show their creativity if they wear school uniform whereas if they don't wear uniform they can show their creativity if two the world that they aren't the same as another person.

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