• Definitely, they are uncomfortable and annoying

    I am pretty sure; despite the bullying, that people will feel comfortable in their own clothes and will do well in lessons as it is your clothes, not the school's property. I absolutely hate uniforms and for those of you who say, "School uniform is good as you can represent your school", you have no lives. I am 14 and I have GCSE coming up: I also think that boys should wear their own clothes when doing their exams as it provides a level of assurance. School uniform feels like you're in a prison. So yes, school uniforms should be banned in schools.

  • Of course, Must be banned

    I'm a student who attends to a international school. The school forces us to wear school uniforms. I feel like it is impossible to wear it everyday. And i don't have time to do the laundary every day. Also, Buying school uniform is expensive. Go go go go go go

  • Gosh, you'd better not get a job when you get outta school then

    You're 14 you don't get how real life works. I wear a suit to work everyday not because I want to but because that's life. If you decide to work part time Starbucks or McDonald's or anywhere you are going to have a problem. Try telling your boss uniforms should be illegal. While you're at, if you join the military later on in life you should tell your commanding officer you'd like to wear rainbow colored fatigues instead. Because, you know, you want to be comfortable and self assured.

  • We should condition our children to seek individual expression

    To ensure our children never dabble in communist or authoritarian ideas we should make school a communist society. This will produce via inbred association a dislike of communism. I will disagree with the dukeofpanda in that wearing a suit allows that individual expression in what tie what pocket square and wether or not to wear a waistcoat as some of the many things one can vary to express themselves. Download

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