• Students should have to wear schol uniform for school

    You’re at school, someone comes up and pushes you, they say cruel things about the way you dress and the clothes you are wearing. You try to escape but you can’t, they push you down again and again. When you get home you go to your room and cry yourself to sleep and wish you could get out of this terrible world. Bullying plays a huge part in every school. Study shows that there is a distinct decrease in bully rates in schools that have a uniform policy. Bullies target the easy victims, therefore in schools that can wear casual clothes they will target the students with the cheapest clothing that is old, baggy and are not of the top brands. Bullying can be pushed too far and make the victim commit suicide. Do you really want that? I have seen on non-uniform days, people judging others for what they are wearing. I’m not saying cut non-uniform days because this helps students show people who they are. Although, imagine you being judged every single school day. And a uniform policy would help reduce these offences. In Long Beach, California, after two years of a uniform policy, reports of assault in the district's schools decreased by 34%, assault with a deadly weapon dropped by 50%, fighting incidents went down by 51%, sex offenses were cut by 74%, robbery dropped by 65%, possession of weapons or "look-alikes") decreased by 52%, possession of drugs went down by 69%, and vandalism was lowered by 18%.

    Bullies target the easy victims, bully rates significantly drop once a uniform policy is produces and there are suicides from being bullied from a uniform policy.

  • Less bullying would ocur

    In uniforms were added to a school more than likely the bully rate will go down, this would have a chain reaction with suicide rates in high/middle schools, lowering the nation's suicide rate by a faction. Also bully victims are more likely to drop out of school, and sure uniforms are somewhat costly, but that uniform can potentially save someones life/education.

  • Everyone would be equal

    If uniforms were added at schools, no one would ever get bullied because they don't wear the "cool" brand of clothes. With the price in mind, students only need to buy 2 sets of the uniform, instead of having to buy so many different articles of clothing. If students ever went on a field trip, then teachers and adults would be able to locate their kids easier, making it a lot harder to lose some kids to the crowd.

  • School Uniforms may not be as fashionable, But they have a good purpose!

    Help identify intruders in the school
    hats @ school restrict the ability to identify people in school, But if everyone wears a uniform, We could better tell who belonged and who didn’t
    Removes pressure to have to have “trendy” clothes or to look trendy all the time
    Diminish economic/social barriers
    Gender fluidity: If our school had uniforms we would open up the options of uniform types to everyone, For example if a boy wanted to wear a skirt or a dress or if a girl wanted to wear pants they could choose whatever they feel most comfortable in when they are registering for school.
    Lower class students won’t have to worry about being judged for their lack of money and the percentage of bullying that happens in schools will decrease
    If your biggest concern is self expression

  • All schools should wear uniform

    School uniform very important, Children have no say on what to wear to school. Kids are at school to learn, It is not a fashion school
    Also the schools should start a swop shop where the parents can get bigger or smaller uniforms for free.
    Even in South Africa all kids wear a uniform and it looks so nice. And the schools have swop shops in SA even private schools.
    Kids can have a say what they wear when they leave school.
    Can you imagine nurses and police personnel wearing what they like.

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  • Yes to Uniforms

    I believe that schools should wear uniforms because it prevents bullying and also has students looking sophisticated. There are cases when people are being bullied everyday about what the wear. People say that they should be able to wear what they feel like because that is a way that they express them selves, which is understandable but when you see that person who walks down the hall way in a wizard hat, dont laugh, he is expressing his love for music. But i know and all of us know that teenagers and middle schoolers will laugh therefore everyone should have to wear uniforms, you hsould want someone to get to know you through your personality not judge you by what clothes you wear.

  • Yes. I totally agree with having uniform.

    Without uniform, students will be worrying about their outfit for the next day. This wastes loads of time. They can use the time to do revision rather than wasting time on choosing outfit.
    Secondly, going to school is not to show-off your body and be a model. Going to school is to study and be socialize with others.
    Thirdly, having uniform makes a school seems more disciplined. Visitors will see the school as very united as students are in the same outfit. Students will also be more disciplined as they will not be any clothing problem. This decreases the disciplined problem on clothing in school.

  • Say yes to school uniform

    As, there are two types of students one who can buy new and stylish dresses and one who could afford them. If schools do not have school uniform some students will wear same dress and some new and branded.Therefore, school uniform makes all equal.
    School uniform make every student same and they will develop the value of being disciplined.

  • There are reasons for both, but reasons for yes are more powerful than for no.

    Many people complain about uniform. I personally do not have any objection to wearing a shirt and tie. On non-uniform day, I have seen people laughing at other people due to what they are wearing. Gladly, I have never seen it turn into a state of bullying where it carries on for days, but if it were happening to a sensitive person, they could get upset. Also, uniforms stop people from judging people from what they are wearing. Some students would probably decide on whether they can be friends with someone by the way that person is dressed. If everybody is wearing the same, then that possibility is eradicated.

    Personally, I would like to be able to wear non-uniform every day, but because of the reason that it could cause bullying, I would choose not to stop uniform.

  • Fabric material allergies

    Some students could be allergic to the fabric. Also, if they are allergic then they have to buy they're own uniforms, and it would take to long to order their own (more expensive) uniforms. One more thing, the uniforms can be to expensive for some families. Those families would not be able to afford the uniforms and would or could cause the child/student to have an allergic reaction if they we're allergic to the fabric of the uniform.

  • Not today sir!

    When you go and buy uniforms, your not thinking about what your doing. It's a mistake. Did you know, that your just wasting your money by buying uniforms. Sooner or later going to be growing out of the uniform and before you know it, you've wasted over 100$. Keep that in mind.

  • You're joking right?

    Don't perpetuate the myth that it'll "stop bullying", if you seriously believe that by everyone wearing the same uniform somehow bullies will lose all will to make fun of how you dress/what you look like, you're crazy. Freedom to choose what you dress while going to school is a way of expressing ones self as an individual, and a way of identifying with certain groups of people who dress similar to you and act similar you to.

  • School Uniforms Have Too Few Benefits

    Regardless of the supposed difference in bullying rates in schools, the cons outweigh the pros. The main cons are that a.) students will most likely dislike school more because of the uniforms, making the environment worse. B.) There are other kinds of bullying that can't be solved by uniforms (ex. Racial, gender/sex, etc.) and c.) Using school uniforms as a solution to bullying will teach kids that if someone is different you can solve it by making them the same instead of respecting their uniqueness. Is this the idea we want to enforce? These are just a few of the disadvantages that overpower the benefits of uniforms at school.

  • School Staff are Hypocrites

    Teachers decide to teach students about people like Rosa Parks and Booker T. Washington, And tell them how they expressed themselves and conquered their differences, When students themselves can't even express themselves in the hallway. Uniforms are also EXTREMELY expensive, Which undermines the promise of free education in public schools. Uniforms also don't protect you from getting bullied or not. Just because you're wearing a uniform doesn't mean a bully still can't find a way to make you feel bad.

  • Schools already have dress codes for public school.

    According to Pro con. Org it shows that public schools already have dress codes which students do not wear including drugs, Gangs, Sex, Profanity, And violence or gun clothing Some are expensive. Some kids have allergies due to tightness or rigidness of the uniforms that can affect their mood and learning

  • No uniforms are needed!

    Uniforms don't show individuality. That is an important feature in someone. Also, Wearing uniforms can cause bullying from other schools. They can be bullied because of how they look in uniforms. And finally, Kids may have a certain religion where they can only wear specific clothing. So in school, They would not be able to wear their religious clothing.

  • Washing school uniform

    What if they had no detergent or no washer and dryer no water no home or no money to wash them you expect them to were the same dirty old rag every day for 8 hours and 5 day a week non stop. Do you seriously think they should were those very day.

  • Bullying will happen not matter what

    Uniform or not bullying will always happen. I don't think bullying decrease's when you wear uniform, if anything the i believe it stays the same or increases in worst case. Why? Well i have multiple reasons but i will state one now, if you wear your uniform in the wrong way or spill something on it for example, it will be easier for bullies to point out the faults and bully you for it.

  • Freedom of Expression

    The first amendment states that people will be able to express themselves freely. These schools that make uniforms mandatory are not following this amendment. They are suppressing kids true personalities and not allowing them to express themselves. Kids also have nothing to look forward to, it's always the same boring old shirt and pants every day 180 days out of the year.

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