• Uniforms were/are restrictive

    I agree. Uniforms in schools should be scrapped or made optional. They stifle individuality. Of course i don't think it should be a total free for all (ie they have to wear something. . . . . ), But they should be allowed greater choice in what they wear. If they want to try the latest fashion, Why not? I guess there will be those who can't afford what they want to wear but maybe there is a way to work around that. I especially don't see why everyone has to wear a tie. . . . . . Most working people don't need to wear one (unless they are a manager or its a formal occasion) and it just conjures an image that everything is dull, Boring, Business like! Learning is SUPPOSED to be something fun to enjoy, But wearing uniform kind of scuppers that by making it TOO formal.

  • Yes, I don't see any reason as to why they should be used.

    The headline says it all. People should be able to dress however they want. The only reason I could see as to why students should wear school uniforms is for people to identify them which is unecessary? I don't really see the point. I never had school uniforms so I don't know how they work. Like do you wear the same clothes everyday or do you have different sets of uniforms. I hope it's the latter.

  • School Uniforms should be banned

    People should be able to express their style by the way they dress and school uniforms prevent that. School uniforms are like saying u have to look depressed all day at school and then do whatever you want at home. School uniforms are boundaries for people convey how they feel and communicate.

  • I agree with school uniforms because i grew up in public school and charter school

    Teachers like to send students home over what they wear, But other countries have school uniforms. Theyre cheaper, Easier to take care of, And teachers won't be bringing out the dress code handbook over what some student wears to school Australia and Japan condone school uniforms and both countries are considered more progressive than America.

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