• School uniform are good

    School uniforms help make students feel united as one whole school and helps identify students from other schools. Uniforms also hinder skipping classes. Wearing everyday clothes to school can also cause anxiety and peer pressure. Another point is that most companies or jobs require their employees to wear a uniform or dress in a formal manner. Uniforms help students adjust to this.

  • Yes to unifrom!

    I think it will help with stop some people getting bullied. And bullying is a huge problem these days, so we should do everything we can to stop it! It also saves a alot of time in the morning, because you know excatly what to put on. I would love to wear a uniform!

  • Is School for developing individuality or is school used to develop the mind?

    A common misconception is that we shouldn't have uniforms in school because it prohibits individuality. If school is for individually then yes I agree no uniforms, but no. School is for developing the human mind not to develop individuality. Without school uniforms you have a school with severe problems with immodesty and a school with a terrible learning environment. A school in Utah had uniforms one semester and no uniforms the next. Between the two semesters the average students grade piont average dropped significantly. Therefore students need uniforms and school is not for expressing individuality it's for learning!!!

  • School uniforms promote a learning environment

    School uniforms promote a learning environment by subtracting key detractors to student education such as fashion or class indicators. They also put students on the same level by eliminating socio-economic indicators. School uniforms also promote the primary reason that students attend school, which is to learn. There are far more pros to school uniforms than cons.

  • Uniforms take some of the focus off clothing

    If students wear uniforms, it limits how much time they have to spend getting ready for school. Uniforms can act as reminders of the school culture and values. Since they are often ugly, they provide a good bonding experience. Also they take the focus off clothing, so there's less worrying about wearing pricey, trendy, or inappropriate clothes. Finally, uniforms are durable, so there are fewer school clothing expenditures for parents.

  • School uniforms are good.

    School uniforms are good because they allow everyone in a school to be equal. If students have to chose their own outfits, some kids can buy more expensive clothes than others. Kids shouldn't have to worry about these things when they are at school. They should focus on their classes.

  • Cheaper easy can still express style

    1) They are significantly cheaper. Many students can't afford to buy clothes to wear every single day.
    Or fashionable clothes for that matter.
    Uniforms just makes things easier and no one will judge for your clothes.

    2) depending on how strict the school is you can usually still express your style with uniforms
    for example jewellery.

  • The American (USA) College Admissions Favors Interesting Applicants, Why can't everyone be boring (or self conscious)

    Sometimes I see many people of my generation (born in the late 1990s) seem very asleep, Almost under a spell of fluoride. Yet people that come out of USA schools tend to be "special" in some way. Some of them have interesting hobbies, Clubs, Accomplishments, And such. But school uniforms make sure people are the opposite of that, Self-conscious, And ultimately, Boring. Why could that be a good thing, You ask. Of course, School uniforms do a good job of weeding people out of school (by increasing truancy) who are extremely introverted, Lack emotional expression, And contracted thinking but thats only 1% of the student body, The rest of them are tough enough.

  • Uniforms, Kiddos. . . Discipline is needed today

    Children do not produce the science and engineering that takes humankind to the next level, Nor do they do anything to earn their keep when they grow up at home with mom and/or dad. Guess what? They can keep their mouths shut, Speak when spoken to, And do as they're told. They can stop acting like they're running the show - liberals want them to think that, But it's false. They aren't. Uniforms at school are a good way to emphasize order and authority, Something too many people today (let alone the kids) are without. If the kids don't like my response, My challenge to them is this - build me a house with all the utilities, Make your own money selling stuff on the net with your own website, And show me a better system than the one we have running America. No? Didn't think so ;)

  • Just for the safety of the students

    In some districts of America, There are a lot of gangs. I understand the reason that the students have to wear uniforms because it can low down the high amount of gangs at schools. School uniforms can also be a simbol of solidarity and team spirit and nobody can get bullied so easily, Especially because of their clothes. I wouldn't have a big problem with school uniforms but it wouldn't make that much sence at our school cause we don't have any problems with gangs.

  • Express your uniqueness

    You are yourself and you should not be forced to wear something you dont like. Yes it does prevent bullying on that subject but it just makes bullying heavier in other subjects. Also they are expensive for your parents and why buy more clothes when you already have clothes. BE You !

  • Lack of Individuality

    I say no to school uniforms. I believe kids & teens should have the right to express themselves out & inside school. We shouldn't have to be casual for nothing. Sure, it lessens bullying. But I'd rather be bullied for what I choose to wear rather than be accepted for what I'm forced to wear.

  • Uniforms are pointless and sexist

    Uniforms are sexist and outdated. Boys get to strut around every weekday in warm trousers or shorts, whereas girls are stuck with long, heavy, restricting skirts or dresses. School uniforms are pointless and are just not practical. A school would be a more efficient area to learn if students weren’t having to wear uncomfortable uniforms that distract us from our learning. The most asked question of female students is “Do we have to wear this? Every day, girls see their male classmates come to school in warm, cozy trousers while they are stuck in long, uncomfortable skirts, or cold dresses that drives every thought from their mind except the fact that it is freezing. Some girls absolutely hate to wear skirts. It is an outdated system. In any other walk of life, we wouldn't dream of telling girls that they have to wear a skirt. So why is it acceptable to inflict it on them at school? This is clearly sexist, making girls wear skirts or dresses instead of shorts or pants like the boys, which also stops girls from performing any type of sport properly, or play on the playground. How a young person appears makes no difference whatsoever to their education. Schools should be encouraging free thought and self-expression, not suppressing it.
    You can’t say uniforms make school a more effective place to learn as they stop bullying, leaving students free to concentrate on schoolwork because bullying will exist whether there are uniforms or not. There is no point for uniforms. Bullies will find thousands of reasons to bully a peer, like their choice of shoes, quality of clothes or even the way their body fills the uniform. Teens should be able to develop self-expression and their personal identity. School uniforms encourage followers not leaders. The practice discourages independent thinkers as they have no room for creativity. The push for students to wear uniforms to improve behaviour lacks validity and seems ill-advised for a democratic public school system. Today's school uniforms seem more a punishment meant to deny students their right to freedom of expression and individuality. Public schools can still have dress codes without resorting to mandatory uniforms. As you can see, there really is no point for school uniforms as they play no part in our education.

    The average price of one secondary uniform is $250, and usually, at least three uniforms are bought for the year. That is $750 per child. Boy, do I feel sorry for parents with multiple children. Not every parent has the spare cash lying around to buy uniforms on top of the school fees. The level of effectiveness of school will not be altered if students were allowed to wear cheap, comfortable, sun-smart clothing to school. In fact, students will feel more responsible and mature by being able to choose what they wear to school, they will act more sensible in class, making school a more effective place to learn.
    School uniforms are sexist, pointless and out-dated.

  • Should we wear uniforms

    Just no they are not even comfortable and the y are also way too expensive for one year of use then you grow out of them and can't use them this is the reason that I think there should be no uniforms in schools all over the world or in my state.

  • They can expensive for parents

    According the web pros and cons school uniform they can be expensive for parent because it like special cloth and uniform make everybody the same like prison because everybody wearing the same cloths just like prison because in prison uniforms suck and so do school uniforms and and and and

  • Kids will still get bully no matter what they wear

    Kids will AWAYS find a way to bully other children,like by there hair style,weight,what they smell like and many more.It would be a miracle if all kids stop judging each other.Wearing uniforms is a waste of time,kids get bullied about almost anything.So there is no point of uniforms the end

  • No it shouldnt

    School uniform it a pain in the arse first we have to wake up at 6 am to get ready for school and now my school has itchy and uncomfortable uniform making everyone put down not letting them show people who they are and most schools around the uk have uniforms which makes everyone hate the fact we are in a mental concentration camp for teens (aka. Schools) which leads to us being bullied and the school doesn't give a shit

  • School uniforms do not improve attendance, academic preparedness, or exam results.

    David L. Brunsma, PhD, Professor of Sociology at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech), co-authored a study that analyzed a national sample of 10th graders and found "no effects of uniforms on absenteeism, behavioral problems (fights, suspensions, etc.), or substance use on campus" and "no effects" on "pro-school attitudes, academic preparedness, and peer attitudes toward school."] Brunsma also found a "negative effect of uniforms on academic achievement," and later found that uniforms were equally ineffective on elementary students and eighth graders. A peer-reviewed study found "no significant effects of school uniforms on performance on second grade reading and mathematics examinations, as well as on 10th-grade reading, mathematics, science, and history examinations... N many of the specifications, the results are actually negative."

  • Uniforms can cause self harm

    I do not think students should wear uniforms because they can make them to commit suicide, being in depression, or cutting themselves. Schools shouldn't be making students wear uniforms those tings can cause many bad things that we don't imagine that they can actually be cause. That is a bad nightmare to parents losing there child or seeing there scars of their cuts

  • No they shouldn't

    The first amendment of the US constitution guarantees that all people have the right to freely express themselves. So by making people wear uniforms you are taking away the freedom to freely express yourself. Kids shouldn't have to listen to an adult to choose they will where on a regular basis.

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