Schools close in Northern Michigan: Should schools close in bad weather?

  • Safety is most important

    Icy roads and frigid temperatures make for many potential dangerous situations such as frostbite and car accidents. Schools should remain closed during such weather. The struggle of finding someone to watch your child since they can't go to school is nothing compared to having a child on life support because you spun off the icy road and into a tree. Your child's safety is more important

  • It is for safety.

    When it comes to inclement weather it is a lot smarter to stay at home or wherever you are then risk your life for a job or school. Children's safety should be the number one priority and one missed day of school is not going to really impact their lives that much.

  • Yes, driving or walking to school in snow and cold can be dangerous.

    Safety is important, and students should not be put into dangerous situations if it isn't absolutely necessary. Closing school in extreme weather situations is perfectly reasonable. If schools just schedule in a few extra days per year, they can easily afford to give a few days off for the children's safety.

  • Schools should close in bad weather.

    Schools should absolutely close in bad weather. Lives should not be put at risk trying to get children to school when the weather is bad. Parents should be happy to keep their children safe and at home during severe weather. The missed days can always be made up at a later date. Many schools even allow for days off due to weather.

  • It is hard for parents.

    When schools close, working parents still have to figure out what to do with their kids. Often that means that they have to take the children on the dangerous roads anyways. When parents have joint custody, a parent has to drive their child to the other parent. This often creates a more dangerous situation than just having school.

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