Do schools put too much pressure on students nowadays?

  • I am stressed and depressed

    Mostly due to school. I cant take this. I'm 16 and in year 11. I find myself really stressed and pressured due to school. And there's nothing else I can do. I can't just leave because I have no idea what I want to do. I cry over school way too much. We are supposed to learn but all we are learning is how to memorize bull and write it under pressure. A skill we don't need, agree?

  • Possibly Not Graduating

    I usually turn my homework in on time and get decent grade. My counselors have called me stupid and that I won't amount to anything in life because I've gotten a few D's and F's in the past. I'm at risk of not graduating because of the stupid work samples and test that are required. As well as me being forced to retake classes that I'm required to take, because I "failed", I got C's in those classes. There are more levels of those class I need to take to graduate but I can't because my counselors forced me to retake lower levels of the required courses. Now as a senior I have a 30% chance of graduating. My friends who have a 25-45% chance of graduating are being told to "just drop out, don't even try, our programs to help students with a low chance of graduating won't help you". I transferred schools my sophomore year. Since then I have had mental breakdowns due to the pressure the put on students to graduate. Have about 3 mental break downs a day because of the stress from school. My friends have at least one a day as well. I've been struggling to graduate since sophomore year. Every year my school district adds new requirement for graduation. We have to pass test and specific level of classes and work samples. All showing that we've learned something, but they're testing us on stuff that we haven't been taught. Administration don't help you out very much with meeting graduation requirements. Teachers at my school are starting to give ridiculous amount of homework, with unrealistic deadlines. They don't take into consideration that I have other classes or chores or I need to sleep. I get about 5-6 homework assignments a night. Every now and then I'll have 7, when I get one in yearbook. In math class I get assigned 30-50 problems a night on stuff we don't get taught or note for until the next day. I have 3 days to write an essay in my English class, as well as read 1-2 chapter of a book each night. I have 3 days to research, write and memorize a speech.(that's not too bad when I get enough time in the computer lab at school, memorizing is the hardest part). I have one assignment every night in Mythology. Then I have 1 day to write a movie review, after we finish watching the movie in my history class. (That's another easy assignment) Adding all of these up it takes me hours to do my homework. Then I fall behind because I need a day off to catch up on sleep or I'm seriously sick. Plus my teachers RARELY give out extensions, because no matter what you could've come to school, unless you're in the hospital about to die. I struggle to pay attention in class sometimes due lack of sleep because I'm up all night doing homework.

  • We're not being taught how to do things.

    Everything we are learning is completely different from what our parents learned in high school. I wish I knew how to study and take good notes, but all I do is copy down what our teachers tell us to copy down and it's not even good enough information for us to pass a test on with. I have only ONE teacher that teaches us like adults and everyone in her class has a high grade including me. But all my other classes are crap because when I ask for help, teachers don't bother helping they're just like "Go look for it in the book or ask a classmate." Um, hello? I'm obviously asking you because no one else gets it. And then we're pressured into this mindset that we need good grades so we can get into a good college so we can have a job and not be homeless or still living with our parents. I can't stress about this enough, teachers say we have it easy but in fact I think we have it harder than them. There are so many budget cuts that we can't even take fun classes. I see these movies where there's Home Ec, Car Shops, Cooking, 20+ language classes to choose from, etc, and I see so many other schools including mine that don't have that because we have bad test scores because we don't know how to study because our teachers think the "study guides" they give us will help because they don't know how to teach and because they don't want to help us do better in school.

  • I Can't Take It

    Look, I'm an overachiever. I'm going to be in the top 20 kids in my class. I take AP classes. And I try really hard. But I'm breaking down. School is destroying me. I have no time for a social life or the sports I used to enjoy so much. My average night is get home at 3:00, do homework until about 1:30 AM, and go to bed. Most nights I don't eat dinner. I can't go on like this. It's been like this sense 5th grade. 5th graders are ten years old! I'm in 8th grade now. But the problem is that I do about 95% of my learning through homework. If it was abolished my grades would slip terribly. But this is extremely excessive.

  • Yes defiantly !!

    I am 15 and in year 11, I get around 16 peices of homework a week, never go out on weekends as I have to do my homework, end up getting a detention for not enough effort and I spend my evenings crying over school. I never see my friends anymore and have to stay at school until 5:30 now because they are forcing me too. I know I don't have long left but I can't deal with it anymore and it takes me to the edge :(

  • Pressure, unessary, kids

    Life isn't all about a paper, everyone is different and we all excel in various respects. There should be a system in place that is capable of exploiting the full potential of every unique person. The people who do good in the prescribed papers aren't necessarily talented, they may have done good on the certain test, but perhaps other people are superior in drawing and designing.

  • Think about us, the students!

    I've seen too many teachers go on and on about attending school, doing homework, revising for tests. Not once do they say "Use this time to recover". There are often threats about poor grades, bad jobs and terrible lives in school assemblies which are meant to motivate students. Pressure is placed on students when it comes to homework with punishments; not rewards. Teachers also threaten to fine families for poor attendance when the reason the students are off is because they get migraine from attending school in the first place. All I see now is 2 days of 'freedom' that is often tainted with homework to stop my mind from entering a state of peace in my life. Do the teachers actually know how horrible it is to live under fear that if a student gets 1 hour in a day to rest, recover and enjoy their own life, they'll run into trouble the instant they are forced, by law, to walk into a place where they 'learn'. Learning is futile when the student is practically stepping towards an early grave due to stress in life. It's true, stress damages the brain and places intelligence, health and confidence at a dangerous level.

  • Students have a lot of work to be achieved in a short space of time

    In England the average student will have take around 9-10 GCSE qualifications at 15 years old which are told will shape and conform the rest of their future lives, each one requiring an above average scientific, mathematical, literary and whatever else they chose skill level to be tested in around 15 or more examinations in a short space of time with a brief period of continuous and strenuous study leave time where they have to consolidate every word, equation, formula and mark needed to spend the rest of their lives doing a job they're told that they want. This is all Before the age of 17.

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  • No, schools don't put enough pressure on students.

    There was a statistic coming out of New York City that said that over 60 percent of high school graduates could not read beyond a 5th grade level. That is a failure on schools to have students who are not capable of understanding literature at the required 12th grade level. Schools have stopped focusing on teaching and instead placed a value on the welfare of teachers instead of students. Schools need to increase the school day from 7-2Pm to 7-5Pm. More time needs to be spent in schools teaching.

  • No. Family values decreasing, expectations on kids are slacking. We need to place some kind of expectation on kids for the future of our society.

    Kids don't even have to do chores at home anymore. They spend their evenings in front of the television and video games, which are providing no educational or moral value. Kids are only in school about 6 hours a day and the hours put in nor the academic standards compete at all with the education kids from other countries are getting. This is only an issue because kids are starting to think the world owes them something and they don't have to DO anything to get it.

  • No We Do Not

    School are not putting too much pressure on students these days. There is the same amount of pressure that there was back in the day. Students are asked to go to school, excel in their classes and stay out of trouble That isn't too complicated or too much pressure in my opinion.

  • Schools: Not Enough Pressure

    If we look at other countries around the world, we see children who thirst for an education. In America, getting a 65 on a test is passing. In my opinion this is absurd. Schools should higher their criteria and challenge students. Most students drop out of school after they are done with high school. Kids have an opportunity to get a free education and they take advantage of this.

  • Most pressure comes from parents, not schools.

    If anyone is putting any pressure on kids, it would have to be their parents. Most parents want their kids to get good grades, get a scholarship and head to university. Therefore a lot of parents usually pressure their kids. However most schools have different academic levels so the children can focus on their work and do what's based on their academic level. Schools offer different programs to help students academically, physically and mentally. Schools do pressure students to do well in their studies and try to get good grades, but it's not pressure that a student would not be able to handle.

  • You can choose

    Students are given assignments at a specific time to keep students out of pressure. If they would focus on completing the given assignment ahead of time, it would prevent stress and pressure. Students are given the choice of whether or not their homework is going to be stressful when they are given their homework. They can get it done the day it's assigned, or they can put themselves under pressure when they put it off until the last minute.

  • Apathy and entitlement

    Entitlement is the result of apathy and an inward focus. Instant self gratification is the focus for us as Americans. Me me me and my my my. "what can you do for me", "what have you done for me lately", is the battle cry. Students don't respect education or the teachers that are teaching them. Our system is not perfect, because we are dealing with imperfect people. Compassion and an understanding of humanity dealing with the many styles of student learning is extremely important.

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