• Yes it SHOULD

    I think it should since kids need protection from people who are trying to kill them, since when school shooting happens then there are students who panic and sometimes end up dead. Another thing is that we should have like more police around not just 1/2. This is why schools should be safer!

  • Yes Ovio Should be.

    No doubt it should be safer. Pvt schools are maintaining some standards where as Govt schools needs a lots of steps to improve the security. There should be strict restrictions on entrance to school premises. Only parents and recognized relatives should be allowed to enter the school premised to meet.

  • We should more death

    Over population lol (https://i.Ytimg.Com/vi/jin0dGcFjao/maxresdefault.Jpg well you see hear there are over 7 billon americans we need some population control in this here country to spreed the DNA of the master race which an't no kid is needed. NOw when i say death i mean by gasing which is bye far the fastest way.

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