Schools should have free, hot pizza for people who ran out of food.

Asked by: Potato23456789
  • Don't let our students STARVE.

    Many people don't have enough money to get a proper lunch. At my old school there was a bucket full of UNHEALTHY stuff. Kids would want that junk so they would throw out their food for that. In that case the kids that don't have enough money and only have a couple of things go down, and there is nothing left. If the schools have free hot pizza the kids would have a lunch. There could be a note and a lunch check. If there is nothing in the bucket our students might STARVE. Teachers, Principles, and even students, ACT NOW!! Don't let your friends, or students STAVRE!!!!!!

  • Um...Of course duh

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    need i dsay any more just say yes dont let people strave at all DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH! BYE BYE

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  • In our school we don't have to pay our lunches and we have pizza every Friday Most of my class like pizza

    In my class my friend and my classmate like pizzas so we should have pizza at our school every Friday or every week Pizza Is a good choice The student might like it Pizza is a little bit unhealthy Most of the people eat one Piece of the pizza We Can exercise If we eat too many
    That's why pizza and a good Idea at school

  • No. Not acceptable.

    Schools need money because there are some crappy people out there who don't pay their taxes. The only way to get the money for the schools is to make kids pay for the school. There is no other way that can fix the problem. This is a different situation in private schools, where the funds you should pay to go there can usually cover it, until you pay off the debt.

  • No. No free ride.

    Everyone needs to either bring their lunches or pay for their lunches. Having food for the kids are the responsibility of the parents. So the parents either needs to give their kids money to buy lunches or make lunches for their kids. It doesn't cost much and takes very little time to pack lunch.

  • If they're offering free pizza, why not throw in free soda?

    In all seriousness, there are healthier alternatives that could be offered besides the latter. For example, if a kid forgets to bring their own lunch, a choice of a sandwich, piece of fruit and milk-box seems relatively better than pizza. And of course, there are far healthier options besides the simple sandwich.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Not Pizza for a school lunch:

    Pizza is a bad choice the students might like it, but it just encourages more students to suddenly forget their lunch in a near by bin, make the options something more commonly found in the students lunch boxes already.


    When I had nearly finished school, one of the new teachers introduced a free breakfast scheme for the schools students.

    It involved free toast various cereals etc.. The older students would be roster-ed on to make the breakfast for all the schools students and then they would eat afterwards then clean up.

    That said we also had a school canteen where you could buy lunch, although the choices of what to buy dropped off considerably when the health nuts had their way, to the point few people ever turned up to buy anything.

    You could also order a hot lunch two times a week, pies, pasty's, hot dogs, sausage rolls etc.. For a few dollars each.

    But you had to put in your order and exact change in the mornings for collection so the volunteers in the canteen knew what to make.

    And all this was in a small rural school in South Australia with about 60 students from reception to year 12 at present their are about 40 students their now and all these things are still happening.

    Surely some of the bigger schools with more funding have something similar but I don't know I can only speak for my experience.

  • Maybe school lunch but pizza? Oh please!

    Personally I would forget my lunch on purpose to get pizza. How about a PB&J or Ham sandwich, an apple and a juice box? Something actually healthy and cheap for the school to provide! Pizza is ridiculous.
    I don't have any thing else to say but needs words, ignore this sentence.

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Omg!!!!!! I like totally agree
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OMG!!!!!! I like totally disagree
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OMG!!!!!! I like totally dis and agree