Schools should not implement four day work weeks

Asked by: redallyonfire
  • Of course they shouldn't.

    The working week is 5 days, for adults, where are all of these leftover children going on this extra day off? It would cause even less educated children than we have now, thousands of bored miscreants littering the already overcrowded dole infested streets.

    Have you ever seen daytime TV, i feel like my brain is being numbed and injected with Valium just by visually ingesting that incessant drivel, Who would pay for the increase in the requirement for child care? The parents! What would all the teachers do with 3 days off a week, they'd have to have a cut in wages and we all know how they love a strike at the best of times.

    Bloody ridiculous idea, if it were up to me, i'd extend the school day, get them use to life in the real world, they already have like a third of the year off in holidays of some sort, Children need to be occupied!

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