• Schools are essential and the virus is just a thing.

    Its way more important to not ruin a generation with lack of education than it would be to lose a couple thousand extra people to a virus. The impact to us is far greater than losing a few lives. Just like in war, Maybe some sacrifices need to be made.

  • School must stay open

    The schools should stay open because they have missed to much work and because now for high school applications they need term 1 reports instead of term2 and it is going to be hard to be accepeted in the school of your choice viva south Africa stay home and stay safe

  • We need our kids too learn

    Why can't we open schools when we can open gyms and parks? It is outrageous. The people in charge are only thinking about themselves. That is why we can go to war with other countries but we can't in a war with covid. The difference is the people at risk. The old people are at risk and they are in charge. So young people can go to war but not everyone. It is surrendering but then the enemy not accepting it. They are fighting to the death. But because everyone is fighting and the old folks are in charge, They say we can't fight because they can't. But they would be fighting either way so we should fight and at least maybe get something out of it.

  • Depends on how schools open

    If schools open the way they were before, Then no i would say it would be better for schools to stay closed. However if schools opened and modified the school system for corona, Then yes they should stay open. I personally would reccommend a mix of online and physical, But socially distanced, Schooling.

  • Only if they are back to normal

    Although schools were designed primarily for learning, They are also areas where they socialise. However if they have to return with "social distancing" it will take any enjoyment out totally. Children will TRUELY end up hating school and the teachers who are telling them thay can't play with their friends etc. . . . . . Unless they can re-open and the children can mix FREELY with ALL children (and the adult staff who will be needed for caring/support etc) then in my opinion they shouldn't bother! They can always teach online and even at home they can have their friends round so they still get to socialise.

  • Let the Teachers Speak

    Thirty five years in the class room tells me that most of the ideas proposed for reopening schools won't work. Children are social creatures and as such most will not adhere to distancing, Hand washing nor constant use of a mask. People are making choices who have limited or no experience in classroom teaching. What assumptions are being made about the health of family members? Teachers and other staff will be on the front lines. It ultimately should be their decision and the families impacted by their decision. No punitive actions should be taken for these decisions. Decisions being made seem to be by professions (not classroom teachers) who probably have resources for alternative solutions for educating their children. Again, We put our most vulnerable at risk.

    Vera E Scott
    Surprise AZ

  • Schools should remain digital

    Unlike the economy and many businesses in this pandemic, Schools have the option of going and remaining digital until it is safe to gather again. Everyone that claims schools should reopen claim that it is for the well-being of the child. They believe by opening schools and teaching students at school, They are helping the kid learn and grow. However, There is no room for growth if the child is dead. No one knows how dangerous the virus truly is, And reopening schools and exposing children to the virus when it is avoidable could not only endanger their lives but also their families. In the long run, It would be better for children if schools were to remain digital.

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