• Free free free

    US spends 100-300 billion on education.

    1. One book printed in millions copies.

    2. One internet websites can be seen by Millions/Billions for Free Free Free.

    3. Cloud computing. Mobile cloud. All computing in the cloud will mean information for All Anytime Anywhere worldwide.


  • No bleeping way

    There are tons of kids that won't pay attention and mess around when a teacher is right there looking straight at them, you think they're going to concentrate for a computer screen? Online education has its benefits for those that are willing to take it seriously, but it does not work for everybody.

  • All education should not be done online.

    A child has to have great discipline to stay on course and study online. There are too many distractions. There is the phone, television and radio. Another downfall is the lack of social interaction. A child needs to be around children their own age so they can learn to interact with other people. They have to develop social skills.

  • Education in person has benefits.

    There are a lot of benefits to an in person education, that do not carry over into virtual schools. In person, a teacher can help a student directly and provide one-on-one attention that might be needed to help that student understand the lesson. An interaction classroom is the best kind, and that is much more easily accomplished in person than via the Internet.

  • No It Shouldn't

    All education should not be done online. All students learn differently and schools should take that into account Some students excel inside of the classroom where they can get more hands on instruction. Most students I know actually prefer being in a classroom, so I think schools should offer both options.

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johnitaly says2014-02-19T07:53:07.950
No it’s not possible all education can be done online; there are many subject which require proper interaction between professor and students. Online education is best for those students and working professional who don’t want fixed schedule for their education. You can get idea of benefits of online education here :