Schumer under pressure: Is Bernie Sanders a good choice for Chairman of the Democratic Policy and Communications Center?

  • He fires up the base.

    Ultimately, the most important thing for a Chairman of the democratic party to do is to fire up the base. Trump beat Hillary because Hillary ran on the establishment ticket, whereas Trump fired up the base and brought in new voters. For that reason, Sanders would breath some needed life into the democratic party.

  • Yes, I think Bernie is an excellent choice for this position.

    Bernie Sanders galvanized Millennial voters during his tremendous run for President, leading to catchphrases like "Feel the Bern." Even black and Latino voters were inspired by this white senator from Vermont. While Bernie did not secure the Democratic nomination for president, he left a lasting influence on young voter turnout. If Bernie Sanders is selected for the position of Chairman of the Democratic Policy and Communications Center, he has a tremendous opportunity to reshape the Democratic Party in a way that encourages young voters' loyalty. As seen in this election, both the Democratic and Republican parties have significant structural changes to make. The Democratic party can start by selecting Bernie Sanders for a prominent leadership position.

  • Bernie is no good

    Bernie Sanders' rise to fame has been purely luck. As a do-nothing senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders only came onto the stage because he was the only one stupid enough to run against Clinton in the primary. Because of this, he got a lot of the "anybody but Clinton" votes that we saw at every stage of the campaign. Now that Clinton lost, millennials think that Bernie was the answer. However, he's not even a democrat. Why would the party tap him to run anything at all?

  • No, i disagree.

    Bernie Sanders is not a good choice for Chairman of the Democratic Policy and Communication Center. Even though Schumer is under pressure, i believe that something should be done to curb the pressure. Any health checkup is the best solution to this rather than choosing Bernie Sanders for this position.

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