Schwarzenegger fires back at Trump: I hope you'll work as hard for Americans as you did for ratings. Is Trump only interested in ratings?

  • Yes, he is an ego maniac that loves attention.

    Yes, Trump is only interested in ratings. Prior to running for President, Donald Trump biggest claim to fame was as a reality TV star. He treated the election process just as he did "The Apprentice," using his loud, boisterous attitude and obnoxious or offensive statements to garner attention. His continued Twitter tirades show that he is only interested in the spotlight.

  • Trump only interested in himself

    Trump doesn't care about America or the American people. He cares about himself, which includes ratings for the show that he produces and the profits that his company brings in. He should be focused more on 'making America great' and less on reality TV shows that no one is watching.

  • Trump is interested in publicity and ratings no matter the cost

    Judging from the variety of opinions that Trump has held over the last ten years and the speed at which he is willing to change those opinions based on public outcry, it seems that publicity and ratings are the only things that Trump is interested in. He acts (and tweets) in a way that is designed to create as much controversy and media attention as possible.

  • Of course not

    Y'all on the yes side say that but who voted for the lady who's campaign was built upon Saudi Arabian money? But that's none of my business. , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,, ,,, ,, , ,, , , ,

  • No; Trump is interested in restoring American values

    Trump's eagerness to be vocal about the important problems facing our nation is absolutely necessary to get rid of the evil that is rotting the country from within. In fact, the biased media is even bolder in supporting the "left" movement. Trump is already perhaps the most talked-about man in America and that will not change anytime soon; his outspokenness was only to sway voters and now gain the support and confidence of his doubters.

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