Science contributes more practical results than religion.

  • Practical models of utility, such as science, are profoundly more advantageous concepts than religion.

    I have formulated the conclusion that the various and numerous models of science possess the capability, when implemented successfully, of producing practical effective results (utilities such as electricity and machinery) that mankind is able to utilize in a beneficial fashion. Religion, in comparison, possesses scant to no useful capabilities which in turn provides scant to no practical uses. Religion offers an abysmal quantity of useful or beneficial practical applications.

  • In the modern era, this is true.

    These days, science provides more immediate results than religion does, as science is an act of humanity alone. Since only humans conduct the science on Earth, we yield rapid results. Religion is for more long term spiritual findings. It should be a way of reflection and guidance when one is lost. That is what religion is for. Religion does for one's mind that science does for one's knowledge and immediate needs.

  • Science Advances, while Religion Retards Human Growth:

    Science in only 300 years of actual practice has advanced human abilities and knowledge of the universe as well as practical knowledge of human psychology and what it is to be human. Religion on the other hand has tried to cripple such advancements and during the dark ages it tried to wipe out all natural knowledge and scientific thought.
    If it was not for science, we would still be living in the dark ages where diseases were treated by exorcism and bleeding and where people with psychological disorders either ruled as religious leaders (i.E. Abraham) or were burnt as being possessed.
    Science has practically advanced humanity a thousand fold more than religion has in 10,000 years or more.

  • Counter argument here

    The first argument for religion dtaes that religion made hospitals and pyramids , wrong math medecine did religion itself has had no scientific progress it has had motivation for science to build said monuments but religion itself has not . You said it as though religion motivate science . However for the other side to be true it would be science motivating science so who motivated progress was not the question who contributed the raw progress was the question

  • Both contribute the same amount of advance for the world.

    Religion was the first to make Hospitals and schools. It made many monuments (like the Pyramid at Giza) which allowed an evolution in science since they needed math. Religion is boring without science and science without religion is blind. I have many other examples of how science and religion held hands. Religion supports funding in many charities as well. Science allowed human advancement while religion held human Life at many hardships

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