Science in the media: Should lawmakers get their science news from Breitbart?

  • It would be nice if they didn't have to

    The internet is full of information. Some of it's even accurate. But lawmakers are typically not science majors, and have trouble figuring out what is factual and what's speculation. No one who understands the internet relies on just one source, but Breitbart certainly could provide information. The trick is for lawmakers (or some hired flunky) to check and cross reference their data, before trying to use it.

  • It's good to reference sources.

    These days, most people speak on the basis of their opinion. There is not a media outlet that is truly reliable. For this reason, it is important that lawmakers get their news from more than one source. Brietbart has been reliable on some types of stories in the past. There is no reason to dismiss them.

  • No, lawmakers should not get their science news from Brietbart.

    No, lawmakers should not get their science news from Brietbart. Breitbart is a highly disreputable source of information whose contributors include infamous deniers of the reality of climate change. Lawmakers should get their science news from established media sources as well as scientists who have worked on the topic of climate change.

  • No, i disagree.

    I strongly disagree with this. Lawmaker should not get their science news from Breitbart. Basing on science in relation to media, the lawmakers should read real science news and not Breitbart. I hope that congresspeople will read widely and diversely, so that we are exposed to a broad range of insights and perspectives on the issues before Congress.

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