• The future is more than just science.

    Scientific innovation is important, But so is policy making and good governing. If a government refuses to invest in technology, Then how can we reach innovation in the first place? If a government refuses to provide the best for its people, Then what good is innovation in the first place? For science to even be embraced in the first place, It first has to be accepted by society.

    Scientific innovation is merely a part of the larger picture, But with new people with new ideas popping up in the government, Their leadership is just as, If not more important than science.

  • The future belongs to science

    Everything around you, Whether you choose to believe it or not, Is a product of science. The computer you're using, Your phone, Your car, Etc. You can't run from the fact that science is everywhere. Even if you ditched all the innovations of science you'd still be left with the natural processes that make you who you are.

    We've used science to show us glimpses of the past. We use it in the present to have this very debate. We will certainly be using it in the future to create even more innovative technologies. We'll also use it to comprehend and gain a better understanding of the planet, Galaxy, And universe we all live in regardless of whether not you choose to accept it.

  • It is so

    Science even predicts our future it makes sense that it is our future. It is technology which is used on a day to day basis. It is us, Our jobs, Science is life, The universe and everything. It TELLS US WHAT WE WANT TO KNOW AND WHY WE KNOW THAT.

  • Nonetheless I think.

    It's pretty unlikely anyone will be living on Mars by 2020. Also, Survival is instinctive pre-programming and in that respect we are no different to any other species. Maybe survival is pointless, But we do it anyway.
    The thing that sets us humans apart, Is our inherent ability to remember and manipulate information, Which is exactly what science is. We are born scientists whether we like it or not.

  • ? Je ñ'comprend pas

    I know how important science is. In the future science will continue to be important at the moment we are rapidly expanding technology wise by 2020 we plan to have people living on Mars. So yeah. . . Technology is the future. Au revior mon amies. Mais sérieusement je n'comprend pas. Pourquoi pensez-vous comme ça?

  • Whoever made this debate is stupid.

    Without science, You would be dead. So before turning your back and mouthing off to science, Go look at yourself and see if your fit for survival in a world without science. Chances are, You are not. Besides science is the reason humanity advances. If there was no science to help us advance further, There would be no point in existing.

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Leaning says2018-09-07T23:24:36.600
Eh, It's always a mix maybe. Reason doesn't do much without emotion. Or is it that it doesn't mean much? Eh, Either way.

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