Scientists and the Greenhouse effect: Should humans try to stop another ice age by using the greenhouse effect?

  • A Dance on the Edge of a Sword

    This does make sense as a preventative measure since past ice ages were ended by raised greenhouse gases (specifically CO2). Care must be taken though. Greenhouse gases raise global temperatures which in turn melts glaciers. If we melt the glaciers currently present, sea levels will rise, flooding coastal cities and villages.

  • Greenhouse effect not a cure for ice age

    Producing greenhouse gases is not a cure for an ice age. The prevailing wisdom in the scientific community is that the earth is warming and that we are not headed into another ice age. Most of the global warming is attributable to human activity. Producing harmful greenhouse gases in the unlikely event of another ice age would be counterproductive.

  • The world is warming not freezing

    I don't think humans should try to stop another ice age because I don't think question is very relevant to the current situation. We are in a world where the climate is changing but I don't believe it is leading towards an ice age. The world is warming overall and we are now in a position to try to mitigate the current situation before it affects the world to such an extent that humans are no longer able to live in it.

  • Humans will not stop another ice age

    I do not think that as mere humans, we can actually change what is going on in the universe, in terms of weather. It has been shown that changing temperatures occur in the history of the earth. In particular, temperatures have changed enough at least four times in provable history to cause a mini ice age. I do not think that we will be able to do anything to stop such a giant thing.

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