Scientists find area of the brain linked to autism: Will autism be eradicated?

  • Yes, autism will someday be eradicated due to advancements in medical science.

    The first step to solving any problem is to discover the root cause of the problem. Therefore, the discovery of the area of the brain that is linked to autism brings humankind one step closer to finding a way to treat and eventually cure autism. The advancements that will be made in the future due to discoveries in science are boundless.

  • Scientists will eventually find cures

    Science has become so advanced, and researchers are finding new information all the time. Some day, these diligent researchers will find cures to some of the most disabling and fatal diseases, including autism. It may take some time to perfect the cure, but I truly believe we will see it happen.

  • Yes, I think so.

    The choice of this part of the brain was very targeted. Previous brain studies had suggested the gyrus of the anterior cingulate cortex had a part to play in ASD but this was the first clinical study to show that this is true. Prof Michael Fitzgerald, clinical and research consultant with the Autism Society of Ireland, said the research appeared quite promising. It involves altering the brain through social therapy. You are building new circuits and changing the brain in the process

  • Autism still not fully understood

    Eradicating autism is not like removing a tumor or curing a disease. Autism is a deeply rooted part of the individual. It is still not well understood by researchers and exist on a spectrum for people. There are many things linked to autism. Nothing has been found that specifically causes it or cures it.

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