Scientists find way to turn C02 into Ethanol: Will this help the environment?

  • Converting C02 to ethanol will help the environment

    Scientists working at Oak Ridge National Laboratory accidentally discovered a way to convert C02 directly into ethanol. This could be used to take harmful C02 from the atmosphere and aid in averting the harsh effects of climate change. Using this previously harmful and overabundant resource as fuel will help the environment.

  • Yes it will

    Yes, this will actually help the environment. It will minimize the CO2 content in the air since this gas will be absorbed and used usefully. We all know the dangers of abundant CO2 in the environment in usually combines with O2 to farm Carbon-monoxide which is very dangerous if inhaled.

  • I hope so

    This was an accidental discovery, but hopefully it can truly be used to help the environment. It's supposed to be efficient, cheap and scaleable, so if it really works, it could remove lots of the CO2 present in the atmosphere. Since the process turns CO2 into ethanol, it can be used to power generators and cars.

  • Yes, this will immensely help our environment

    Yes, this will immensely help our environment. This type of scientific breakthroughs gives me the hope that our planet still has some chance of surviving. Another question is will they be allowed by fossil fuel conglomerate to proceed with this. I am worried that because those people are consumed with greed, we will not use these great opportunities that scientists create.

  • It could but

    What if they go too crazy with it and they deplete too much CO2 and then we can no longer trap heat on our planet and then the planet gets very cold and we all die so that should be exciting. It could be good if it is used in moderation.

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