Scientists slam Trump's pick for EPA director for his denial of climate change: Are there legitimate reasons to doubt climate change?

  • yes ther are

    The 63-year-old is no environmental steward. A noted climate contrarian, he’s spent decades trying to dispel what he calls the “myths of global warming,” defending the use of fossil fuels and shutting down any climate policy that would diminish dependence on them. And he’s expressed great pride at being one of world’s most reviled “climate criminals.”

  • Climate change, like all science, is not settled

    No scientific question is settled. There is significant evidence that climate change is real and that humans activity has an impact on climate. Nevertheless, the question is nothing more than a theory. Human history is replete with absolute truths that after the passage of time were no longer absolute truths. After all it was once heresy to believe that the earth orbited the sun.

  • No, there is no reason to doubt climate change

    No, there is no reason to doubt climate change. The evidence is all around us. Valued scientists have been pointing to the evidence for years. They have clearly laid out some of the many consequences of global warming. Even those who refuse to believe anything they can't see for themselves have to look at the weather and see a change.

  • No, there are not legitimate reasons to doubt climate change.

    No, there are not legitimate reasons to doubt climate change. Real temperatures measured on actual thermometers prove that the past few years have been the hottest recorded in history. Also, 97% of scientists who work on climate interest and have published papers on this matter believe that human activity has caused climate change.

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