Scientists think intuition is important: Is intuition more important than rational thinking?

  • It is more basic.

    A person's thought can mislead them. They can think about something too much. On the other hand, a person's intuition is more basic. That's a more primal part of the body that is doing the work. A person should never distrust their intuition because it tells them things that a brain cannot tell them.

  • Yes i agree

    As our life becomes more dynamic and less structured, intuition gains more and more recognition as an essential decision making tool. You have probably heard of experienced decision makers who are able to directly recognize the best option or course of action in many tricky situations.The solution just comes to them from somewhere in their subconscious mind, instead of being a result a lengthy chain of logical derivations or a computer output from a complicated Monte Carlo simulation.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Rational decision making processes consist of a sequence of steps designed to rationally develop a desired solution.Intuitive decision making is almost the opposite, being more instinctive, subjective and subconscious in nature. We hear so much about the virtues of logic that we'd be excused to believe that logic was somehow the superior method, but a quick analysis shows that most actions we perform on a daily basis mainly use intuition.

  • Rational thinking is more important

    Intuition can be and often is wrong. It is irresponsible to continue going with intuition when the available evidence suggests it was wrong. Intuition can be a starting point, thinking "what if X?" but that "what if" should be investigated rationally and the conclusion drawn from the best of the evidence available.

  • No, intuition is not more important than rational thinking

    No, intuition is not more important than rational thinking. Intuition is just a hunch and this should not replace rational thought. Intuition can set a person on the right path to logical and rational thought but the entire thought process is important to solving problems and coming up with scientific discoveries.

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