Scientists warn global warming is happening so fast there may be no way to stop it: Will we be able to stop global warming in time?

  • Yes, we'll be able to stop global warming in time

    Yes, we'll be able to stop global warming in time. While there seems to be a lot of apathy right now, there will come a point when everyone finally wakes up and realizes the serious problems that are occurring due to global warming. It will hit them personally and then we'll be able to come together to work on it. At that point there will also be a lot of money to be made finding solutions to the problem which will motivate a lot of people who are currently denying the scientific facts.

  • It is not real.

    Humans only wish that they could control nature. Nature is big. The universe if big. Humans are small. There is nothing a human could do that would irrevocably ruin the sustainability of the earth. God made the earth. Humans only wish they were powerful enough to destroy it. We are in God's hands, not our own.

  • I think there's always something

    I believe fully in climate change and global warming. I believe that it is a serious threat to our future generations. However, I think that we have enough technology and brilliant scientists in the world that they can figure out a way to reverse the effects eventually. That is, though, only if we start taking it seriously now and drastically reduce our effects.

  • no, but hope we can slow it down

    Trump doesn't believe in global warning, nor does most of the GOP, so if that's the case, and he's going to undo most of our ecological policies, how the hell can we stop it. Hope we can deal with it and try to slow it down. We're not going to get a lot of support from our leaders.

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