Scientology have been the result of a bar bet: Does this change your views on Scientology?

  • Yes, it does.

    I have even less respect for Scientologists than I did before. I am appalled that a science fiction author would dupe millions of people and start a terrible religious cult because of a bet he made at a bar. He deserves whatever horrible punishment was doled out to him in the afterlife.

  • No, this does not change my views on Scientology.

    No, this does not change my views on Scientology because I never thought highly of it before. It is a corrupt religion and I have always believed it was to make a profit. I do not like much of what the religion believes in, and I feel many religions have been started in similar ways.

  • No, my views already are fairly negative.

    No, my views on Scientology are not very positive. While I like the idea of merging science and religion, I feel that Scientology is not seriously a science-backed faith. It was created on a whim and at its core is the desire to make money and build up a following. It's not a spiritual movement in my opinion. It's a business.

  • Scientology: total rubbish

    Scientology was created by those seeking to create their own religion and own belief system. Not rooted in history at all, this "religion" came about by people who lack faith and think they can control the outcomes of their lives, by gaining knowledge and makes those who follow it think they will reach some sort of freedom.

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