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  • It encourages neglect of physical and mental health

    Scientology encourages people to refuse medical care for themselves and there children to. They also encourage people to refuse mental health care. This is wrong and no one should be part of a group that makes it wrong to recieve health care. This group endangers people and there children religion shouldent do that.

    Posted by: Reli
  • Watch Going Clear and Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath

    Church policy dictates that adherents sever ties with friends and family members who have defected and/or criticized the church. If you challenge beliefs and/or practices, you are tortued with hard manual labor in the RPF and forced to live in inhumane conditions in the Hole. Does that sound like a legitimate religion to you?

  • Evil Manipulative Cult

    From the source above, also from Paulette Cooper's investigation and how the church of Scientology reacted to it.

    The campaign against Cooper was most convincing for me. The dedication the Church of Scientology had over the course for the purpose of locking her up and silencing her for fear of exposure and how quickly the campaign battle ended when the evidence of there actions was seized was very telling.

  • Absolutely a cult

    Check out Leah Remini Scientology and the Aftermath on A&E. Bit definitely exposes Scientology as the cult that it is. From money laundering, fraud, slave labor,kidnapping, child abuse,etc. It's not just a bunch of people with some funny practices, it's a manipulative, evil organization that needs to be stopped now.

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