Scotland beats its climate emissions reductions target six years early. Are these actions too late to stop global warming?

  • Emissions reduction targets aren't enough

    While it is wonderful that Scotland has beaten its climate emissions reduction target ahead of the game, we are still too far into the effects of climate change to make a real difference in our warming world. Reducing emissions will help, but if the change has started there is little we can do to reverse it.

  • No, these actions are not too late to stop global warming.

    Most global warming is based on computer model predictions. In other words, the really bad effects that scientist warn about from global warming have not occurred yet. They are just predictions about what might happen if things continue with no change in carbon emissions. Therefore, it is possible that making targeted emissions reductions - like the ones in Scotland - can help reduce global warming in the future.

  • No, Scotland's actions are not to late to stop global warming

    No, Scotland's actions are not to late to stop global warming. By meeting their climate emissions reductions targets six years early, Scotland has done a great deal to help the environment. If every other country follows their lead, global warming could be reduced. Even if some damage has already been done to the environment, this is no reason to do more damage.

  • It's not too late to stop global warming

    I think the argument that it is too late to stop global warming is just what some people or countries use to not participate in solving the problem. Even if scientists did think it was too late, who's to say in the future they may find out they were wrong? We should definitely do what we can to try to stop this huge problem.

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