Scotland votes on independence: Should Scotland leave the UK and become an independent country?

  • Yes, I consider this inevitable.

    Scotland is more than a defined land mass. Scottish people have their own attitudes and cultural identity. It makes no sense that their country should be ruled by a wholly English government in Westminster when the conservative party is totally unpopular all over Scotland. I think their economic infrastructure is strong enough to withstand independence.

  • I'm a bit neutral

    I think whatever they are doing, as long as it's not hurting anyone, is their business. They want to be independent? Fine. Whatever. I hope they though everything through and made the best decision for their country. If they can be independent then who really cares about it? I don't understand why this is top news.

  • Yes. Scotland should become an independent country.

    If the leaders and people of Scotland believe it is a good idea to break away from the UK, they should do it. Before England Occupied Scotland in the 1700's, they were an independent country and did very well. They were overtaken by the greedy English who needed their land and money. I'm just surprised it took them this long to formally break away from them all together.

  • Why leave the United Kingdom?

    Scotland has been a part of the United Kingdom since the 1700's, why leave now? I understand that there are many political and economic differences between these two nations, but in the long-run Scotland is much better off when it stands with it's close partner and united friend. If the people of Scotland do vote yes, I give it one year until they want to rejoin the United Kingdom

  • Bad move scotland

    It just won't work, no matter the poor, badly managed arguments put forward. Numbers do the talking when it comes to an economy, and if Scotland was so strong then salmond and co would have had these great numbers in every paper in every household. They can't do the sums because they don't know what they are, so shy would you take a plunge into the dark...It just won't happen!

  • Scotland Is Britsh

    As a Brit I disagree any of the countries in the Great Britain to ever leave. Scotland, Wales: definitely no go. Many of my friends and colleagues are from Scotland and they feel in the first place Britons and secondly Scottish. The infrastructure, economy and legal system are all in one to support the unity of the Great Britain.

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