• Yes, Scott Disick can party and celebrate his birthday--why not?

    A birthday is a time to celebrate. Though Scott Disick is a public figure with a questionable past, he's a human being and has the basic right to celebrate his birthday. It's his choice whether the party is high-profile or not. Though it's a little bit strange to see him having a great time partying with his ex's family--he was part of the Cardashian clan, so hey, anything's possible. I guess once you're part of that family, you're always in--especially when it's time to get your party on.

  • He can do anything he wants to.

    I know he has 3 kids but I think he should be allowed to go out partying if that's what he wants to do on his birthday. Just because he lives his life in the limelight does not mean he can't have any fun on his birthday. Besides, age is just a number, there's no reason he can't have a blast because he is 33.

  • Disick is an embarassment.

    No, Scott Disick should not be out partying to celebrate his 33rd birthday. Although he is incredible immature, he is the father of 3. Whether he is married to their mother or not, parenting should be his top priority. He is setting an awful example for his kids, and they will be the ones who suffer from his bad decisions.

  • Scott Disick should have laid low on his birthday

    Scott Disick should not be out partying for his 33rd birthday. He is known to have an issue with substances. In particular, he previously revealed that he nearly overdosed. This indicates he has a substance abuse problem, and he should avoid certain situations. This includes partying with friends and alcohol and drugs.

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