Scott Weiland dead: Does the American health care system need to do more for addicts?

  • LIfestyle needs more help with addiction

    there is definitely a rise in the number of addicts these days. With lifestyle changes and everyday becoming so hectic and stressful, more and more people are relying on wrong resources for relaxation and peace of mind. This has lead to more addicts than ever. It has almost become a common health condition and thats why should be considered importantly in our health care system.

  • The American Health Care System is in Need

    Addiction is a very treatable disease no matter if it is drugs, alcohol, sweets or whatever, and if detected early enough, can be treated. The health care system needs to realize the signs for addiction, take those into consideration when they see them, and begin immediate treatment. Getting the American Health Care system to help alleviate the expense of addiction centers, and expenses that occur is in much need of evaluating as well. Maybe more would seek help if insurance would help and if the expense wasn't so demanding.

  • People with drug addiction have enough available sources of help.

    It's up to the drug addict to actually make the decision to get treatment. We have lots of programs available for drug addicts and many of them get recovered but only because they made the personal choice to actually go through with it. It is hard to make some of them go get help because they are usually in denial or don't want it.

  • It's sad but there's not much else that can be done

    Addiction is one of the few diseases that first takes a change in the mindset of the patient in order for them to get help. Unfortunately it's hard for the addicted brain to give up the addiction long enough to seek treatment, but it's imperative that they do so. There have been so many people rotating in and out of rehab that it's mind blowing. They were truly unable or unwilling to give up the drugs once it has a complete hold on their mind. You can't force treatment on them so it is a constant battle.

  • Freedom is key

    I am a Libertarian, meaning if some junkie addict like Scott Weiland wants to ruin his life and his gift for a quick buzz, then by all means he has that right. Who is to stop me from taking too many sleeping pills and trying to kill myself? Nobody. He was selfish but it's not our problem.

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