Scottish independence: Is Scotland insufficiently represented in the UK?

  • Scotland is not represented enough.

    Being of Scottish descent I can confidently say that Scotland is not represented enough in the United Kingdom. The people there also feel this way. They need more representation and inclusion in government. They need more programs and jobs to help make Scotland stronger or else the should just become their own country.

  • Scottish Voices Heard

    Scottish voices in the United Kingdom are heard loud and clear. If Scotland votes for independence, London will have no choice but to grant the will of the people. The UK won't invade Scotland with troops to keep the locals in line--that didn't work with Edward I, and it certainly won't work now. There is no need for bloodshed if Scotland decides to breakaway from the UK in 2014--timetables will be established and rules will be agreed upon if that happens. We don't need another IRA-fueled violent streak for the next 20 years like Ireland had with the UK. Hopefully, everyone learned their lessons with the Catholic versus Protestant violence of the 1970s and 1980s in Belfast.

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