Scottish Independence: Should investors be worried about the upcoming vote?

  • changing tides in scotland

    Most of us would agree that business today are closely related with political changes. Such political changes can be both positive of negative. Investors should be keeping close tabs on the upcoming voting for independence. I think that investors should save themselves from this process and hold on to their's money a little longer in order to see what situation develops after the voting result.

  • Uncertainty Is Always A Concern

    Investors should always be concerned about uncertainty. Fluctuations in market price rarely are based on solid fact, and are always affected by sentiment and over-thinking by the marketplace. No one really knows what would happen the day after a Yes vote on independence. This leads to the type of market concern that we are seeing right now.

  • Yes investors should be concerned (worried) about the upcoming vote.

    Yes investors should be concerned (worried) about the upcoming vote on Scottish independence. If Scotland breaks away from the Commonwealth it will put pressure on the British Pound and pound backed investment instruments, bonds and stocks. It will open many complex political and financial negotiations that will have long-term effects on the economies of both countries.

  • Yes. Investors should be worried abou the upcoming vote.

    If Scotland declares it's independence from the UK, it's going to weaken the economy making the value of the pound go down. There will have to be new Trade agreements and other things drawn up before things start to settle down and we know the real impact Scottish independence will have on the economy in the UK and in Scotland.

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