Scottish independence: Should Scotland become an independent nation?

  • YES for Independence.

    As someone who had to leave Scotland for work in the early 1980's and now stuck in England, I still have family in Scotland and I want the best for them. I continue to support independence so that others from my family will not have to leave to get work. I want them to live in a country more able to sustain and grow its population with he best education, work prospects and society possible. To achieve this, independence is the only way.

  • A Scottish Government with Scotland it's only priority

    As simple as that. Westminster works for Southern Britain first and northern Britain last . We need the ability to govern ourselves and make decisions to benefit ourselves. At the moment that's not happening. The world is changing, power is shifting and we need a voice of our own in the world.

  • Scotland for those in Scotland.

    I think it will allow us to make the best decisions for the country and allow the country to grow. I believe it is the best solution to many of the issues we face these days and is the best way to help improve on our nations education, welfare system, economy and all manner of other things. It is NOT about anti-english/welsh/irish, it is NOT about hating Britain or the English. It is about being able to make the changes that are important for our country, being able to vote for OUR government, OUR leaders and having a better ability to hold them accountable for their actions. I think independence is the logical step forward for Scotland.

  • It Makes Sense

    No nation ever increased it's wealth by sending the entirety of it's revenue to another country's Treasury. Scotland has been doing this for 306 years, and the poor results are plain to see.

    Scotland, like the UK as a whole, has lower living standards than all the other countries in north west europe - despite being the EU's largest producer of oil and gas, and a net exporter of food and electricity - and the income per head in Scotland and the UK as a whole is below that enjoyed in neighbouring small independent states like Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, etc.

    Even Iceland and Ireland, despite their troubles, have a higher GDP per capita (and rank higher on the UN Human Deveopment Index and Legatum Prosperity Index 2013) than the UK. The reason for this is obvious: Long-term bad governance from Westminster. Time to get rid of a system that works to our detriment.

  • Scotland should become independent from the UK

    Scotland has a rich history and it is my belief that those in Scotland would like to be independent. This is the main reason I feel that they should become independent. If a fairly large group of people wish to seperate from a country then they should. It is as simple as that.

  • Scotland is better off in the Union

    Scotland will never be able do work alone without Britain. In fact, most Scottish are deeply pragmatic of the yes. The last time the referendum held place, they said yes, but more than 50 percent of the population in Scotland didn't vote. And. Scotland is and has ever been better of with Britain.

  • Very bad idea.

    I am shocked at the percentage of people saying 'yes' to Scottish Independence. I have looked at many other surveys, and asked many people in my school what they think, and almost every single poll I have seen/person I have asked has said no. I'm not even going to bother writing out any arguments; anyone with the slightest shred of intelligence should know that Scottish Independence will have very few good outcomes and will only cause problems. What currency will we use? No-one knows yet, and the vote is next year. Very few questions answered by the SNP considering the importance and scale of the issue. If we get our Independence, you'll soon be wishing you'd voted no when our taxes go up by around 15% and we've to pay an extra £2000 per year per household than we're already having to. Also, anyone spouting the usual, "we'll gain money from selling the oil we have access to," what are you planning on doing when this oil runs out?

  • Scotland should not become an independent nation.

    Scotland benefits from being a part of the United Kingdom. If Scotland became independent, it would be harder to do business with the other parts of the British Isles. It would also cause discord with other citizens of the islands. The current system has worked for hundreds of years, and there is no reason to change it now.

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hry420 says2014-02-17T16:30:44.247
Thursday 18 September 2014 will be the first time one of my votes has actually counted for something :) FREEDOM!