• Yes, it will go through.

    Scottish independence vote will go through. Scotland in general voted against the Brexit and after loosing they want to be independent and remain apply for readmission in the EU. Most Scottish see the Brexit as an agenda for Britain only and not the UK as a whole, so the independence quest will sail through.

  • Scottish independence will eventually go through

    Scottish independence will eventually go through because it is ultimately the will of the people. They are finding that being part of the European Union is not all that is was cracked up to be - filled with broken promise after broken promise. Sovereignty is more important than some perceived security.

  • No. Scottish Independence should not happen.

    Scottish Independence should not happen. Instead, the territory of Scotland should remain within the European Union, while remaining apart of the United Kingdom. I would prefer if the British exit from the EU didn't happen at all, as I think this will lead to an economically poorer and more vulnerable UK, but if it should, I think Scotland and N. Ireland should assert staying within the EU, even if the rest of the UK leaves.

  • Scottish independence not likely to go through

    Scottish independence does not seem likely to go through, despite gaining support after the Brexit vote. There are still the problems Scotland faces as an independent entity, and those have not abated. This includes Britain's likely decision to relocate the defense industry in the name of national security. Emotion is running high, but logic will prevail.

  • Scotland won't get a referendum

    The UK isn't required to hold another referendum on Scottish independence, and I don't think it is likely to hold one. With its financial sector in free fall, the UK simply can't afford to lose an oil-producing region. I also wouldn't be inclined to trust polls that were taken when people are angry about the Brexit vote.

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