Scottish Independence: Will a vote to break away from the UK create financial instability?

  • Scottish Independence: A Recipe For Instabiltiy

    London's standing as a world power relies on a unified United Kingdom. With an independent Scotland managing all its own business affairs and distributing its own currency, as well as not paying in regular taxes that the United Kingdom has come to rely on, Scotland's independence stands to create an unweildy situation in the British Isles.

  • a vote for financial instability

    The economies of UK and Scotland is very closely tied up. The voting for Scottish independence is like to bring more harm than good for the Scottish nation. The direct invested projects will suffer the most, many investor from UK will draw their investment and with the euro crisis among the European nation, the chances for better economic future seem low.

  • Yes, there is too much uncertainty of Scottish economic status.

    Scottish independence seems like a great idea but there are so many consequences to consider. Scotland has been protected by Britain for hundreds of years and collectively the UK stands strong. With Scotland becoming independent, this could prove risky in both political and economical aspects. This decision to separate could also set a precedence of other countries leaving the European Union and could prove disastrous.

  • Scotland needs to stay put!

    I firmly believe Scotland will be Greece all over again if they break from the UK. I do not see how a break will not trigger a collapse of Scotland. Countries don't think when taking these actions. On paper and in government it all seems like it will work but in the end, financial stability is a ticking clock.

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