Scottish independence: Would an independent Scotland economically benefit?

  • The world's economically strongest nations are small

    Yes, Scotland would most definitely benefit economically from independence. Take a look at Norway, or most of Scandinavia for that matter, to all those saying that being a smaller country will act as a disadvantage. Norway is of a comparable size to Scotland, it has a North Sea oil supply like Scotland, and it is the most economically powerful nation relative to it's size in the world. All of the income from Scottish industries is currently being redirected to Westminster, and it is being distributed disproportionately to the Southwest of England, namely London. As a result, this is hurting Scottish business and the Scottish economy. We are not achieving our full potential from our income. Where other members have stated the we couldn't survive on our own, the truth is very much the opposite. Scotland has generated 9.9% of UK tax revenue by looking at the 2011/12 independent Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland report, but received only 9.3% of U.K. spending. There is clear evidence that, being part of the U.K., we are at a disadvantage. Should we vote Yes to independence, we can stop funding for unnecessary things such as the Trident nuclear WMDs, a parliament filled with MPs we never elected, and start of focus our spending more on the quality of the people living here, our own people.

    Vote Yes, and make our potential for becoming an even stronger nation a reality.

  • No, they are weaker than England.

    No, Scotland would not benefit economically if they split from the United Kingdom, because Scotland is smaller than England. Scotland, if it were independent, would have to come up with their own military, and many of their own institutions. For now, Scotland can simply use extensions of what is created in England, which is much cheaper and economical.

  • No, Scotland's economy is too small.

    No, Scotland's economy would not benefit from independence, because Scotland's economy, by itself, is very small and volatile. Scotland's economy is also largely socialist, and depends on the strength of the United Kingdom. Without the backing of the United Kingdom, Scotland's economy would weaken and would swing as Europe's economy swings.

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hry420 says2014-02-17T16:28:36.843
Wont let me vote or have my say