Scottish independence: Would independence better uphold Scotland's national security interests?

  • Terrorists are attached to political movements

    Scotland would be a more.'peaceful' country, unlike the UK. When the UK went into Iraq, terror organisations began propping up, and attacks have been perpetrated throughout the United Kingdom. Wheras an independent Scotland would not invade other countries for the sake of oil. Therefore Scotland would be a safer country.

  • Scotland's national security is the UK's national security

    Scotland is far more protected in the United Kingdom than it is alone, this much should be obvious. Scotland is a small country with not much resources or power, and it is far more strengthened being with others than on its own. This should be emphasized more, but nationalist feelings are up.

  • No, Scotland is better with the strength of the United Kingdom.

    No, Scotland's national security interests are better protected with the strength of the entire United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is powerful and has a strong reputation internationally. Scotland would not stand a chance if the United Kingdom ever turned on it. Scotland is best aligning itself with the entire strength of the United Kingdom.

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