Scottish independence: Would independence have positive regional effects?

  • Why should Scotland not be independent?

    While I am not an expert, I have read the various articles written on the subject of Scottish independence. For the most part the opposition to independence, seems to be based upon the projected negative financial impact this would have. Of course any change will have profound impact on all aspects of life. But I for one, see no valid reason Scotland should not be an independent nation guiding her own course.

  • Independant scotland would be beneficial

    I do believe the region would benefit from Scotland being independent. First of all, I believe gaining independence from the UK would allow Scotland's small economy to grow and become more worldly. Independence would likely result in several taxes being abolished and minimum wage to rise to Scotland own inflation. Scotland would also be eligible for a seat in the UN if they were independent. Lastly, Scotland would be freed from its UK dependency.

  • Implications & effects

    The financial implications of an independent scotland would damage it entirely. Would free tuition and school fees even be plausible with no other budget from outside sources? Taxes would be raised, fas-lane removed leaving us with no real defence systems. We would be at a loss on a large scale.

  • Damaging long term effects

    Scottish independence, especially in a post-colonial era with rampant anti-Western sentiment (read: specifically anti Anglo-American sentiment), seems a very appealing idea to many Scots on a purely emotional level. Scottish independence is not necessarily the best idea for the region, however, because of the loss of revenue for Scotland -both due to higher federal spending they receive vs. taxes paid, and the administration of new borders and regulations.

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