Scout Willis: Does protesting topless against Instagram's policy make any real difference?

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  • It's more for gawking.

    No, protesting topless against Instagram's policy does not make any real difference, because protesting topless is more for the shock factor than anything else. When someone protests topless, nobody really pays attention to what they are saying. Rather, they are just doing it to make a spectacle. A few well-written letters would be a better plan.

  • No it won't make a difference

    I suppose it's good for her for taking a stand, but I doubt that Scout Willis' topless Instragram photo will make any difference to their nudity policy. I get that male toplessness should maybe be treated the same way as that of a female, but it doesn't seem that will work at all in our society.

  • No, it doesn't make a difference.

    The only thing that Scout Willis accomplished was making sure that she is never able to get a legitimate job ever again. Walking down the streets of New York without a top on will do nothing to get a private company to change their policies especially when they are not legally required to do so and are well within their legal rights to moderate images posted on their site.

  • Exercise of Rights That Just Enforce the Rule

    While freedom of speech, press, and creativity is something that should be embraced, celebrated, and furthered regardless of the medium, there are reasons behind policies banning certain practices for photographs on social media sites. Not only is social media one of the most dangerous places for people to interact as complete strangers are sharing what is most often false information, but the number of women that are exploited each year while intoxicated by the use of nude or topless photographs among other things posted to social media sites and shared with friends via wireless phones is still as alarmingly high as it ever was. While applause should be given to the people willing to take action for believing in freedom of expression, they are going up against a company whose very core will be scrutinized for legal issues that have plagued the system since its creation because of issues concerning consent and age limitations. While the people protesting are both consenting and of appropriate age, their protest cannot guarantee to the company that the worst will not happen in relinquishing their ban and therefore it will likely do little, if any good to even remotely change the policy. Even lifting the policy to allow for 48 hours to monitor a photo with material that includes topless persons is placed in effect, it will still not be the desired effect of the protesters who are not themselves considering the reason the ban is in effect in the first place or possibly taking it as seriously as it truly is.

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