Scrabble dictionary adds 5,000 new words including 'selfie' and 'hashtag': Should new words be added every few years?

  • English Language Changes.

    The English Language Changes overtime. It's obvious that words are going to be needed to be added. That simply fact. I find it inevitable that our language will just continue to grow and expand. Much like how Shakespear added thousands of words to our language our vocab will never be complete.

  • Yes.I think it keeps the game really freash and exciting.

    Yes.I think it keeps the game really fresh and exciting. Scrabble has to adapt to changing times and one of those things is adding in modern words. I love the fact that it is trying to keep up with the times rather than falling back. I think people will want to play the game even more now.

  • Yes, they should

    As more and more people from younger generations begin to play Scrabble, words that are currently popular and be used every day should be included. If you do not add the words the younger people who are playing will lose interest and the game will become out of date. New words should defiantly be added every few years.

  • The world and laguage are always changing

    We use new words every year. Things like selfie and hashtag are as common words as any other kind of word. It only makes sense that words change with the times. If they do not, then they will make the younger generation feel alienated and this will mean people will eventually stop playing.

  • Our language changes and evolves, so a game that relies on it should as well.

    New words need to be included in the Scrabble dictionary as it's updated - the truth is our language is constantly evolving and changing. (You can see this every few years as Merriam Webster updates itself.) Words that meant nothing five or ten years ago ("texting", "bromance") have definitive meaning now (ie, a majority of people know the definition and understand what you're saying when you use them). To not include these new words every few years is to banish Scrabble to a lifetime of being behind the times, constantly playing catch up to the English language. If it were another game it might not be necessary, but because Scrabble is deeply embedded in the English language updates are certainly necessary, and definitely welcome.

  • English Continues to Change

    Because the English language is growing more and more...The most popular word game should "allow" the updated words. Just like the english dictionary...It grows...So the game scrabble's words can grow too. Especially since the words selfie and hashtag are REAL . If it was something fake that would be different.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    If we keep going down this road we might as well call it "Urban Scrabble" and we'll just flip through Urban Dictionary to see references of the "accepted" words we need. English language will expand, but it should remain stagnant to some degree or else it will be beyond human capabilities.

  • No scrabble for anyone.

    Scrabble is representative of extreme decadent, EVIL western culture. Scrabble is the reason you are all fat, lazy and stupid. Everyone knows in a few years, Suriname, will be the economic and cultural capital of the world. It will be a Surinami of wealth, and we shall destroy your pathetic, and gaytheist country!

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