• Seahawks vs. Patriots

    Seahawks had more talent, and the Patriots just cheated, paying to deflate the balls, so the it would be easier to catch. Patriots intercepted on the 1-yard line and New England went on to win, 28-24. It wasn't very fair on the end of the game. Say no for Patriots and say yes for Seahawks.

  • No!!!!!!!!! Not a good match

    Super bowl 49 was just messed up because qb tom brady popped 11 out of 12 footballs before the game . Bill belichick is a cheater . New england fans are wondering why the heck why would belichick tourchure them. I don't agree with brady or bill . I think bill should be not a head coach

  • It's not a good match for super bowl 49

    One thing is, tom brady deflated 11 out of 12 footballs before the super bowl . Bill belichick cheats too much . I think that is a stupid idea to cheat just don't cheat bill and it 's just a pain in the but for new england fans to be in this situiation

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DerKurbis says2016-03-16T16:29:45.550
I just want to know. Why are we still interested by a Super Bowl from a little over a year ago?