Sean Hannity flips out over Republicans who won't back Trump. Should Republicans put country above party?

  • Absolutely Yes they should.

    I've never understood this lifelong no matter what loyalty to individual political parties. Its the same in the UK where you always get these old guys who defiantly say "I'm a Labour voter", implying that they always will be no matter what the circumstance. Its true bigotry in my eyes because by resigning yourself to quite simply one perspective no matter what the current economical and social status of the country is you are effectively closing yourself off to any other ideas or alternatives - even if they may actually be better for you!

  • Yes, of course.

    This is one of the things I kinda don't get with US politics and it's fondness for the bi-partial system: if you are a member of one party and find yourself disagreeing with the general party line... you basically loose your choice of going elsewhere.
    Like Lumpy proves here, if you are not with Trump as a GOP'er, then you are (basically) considered a traitor to the cause because you don`t march in step with everyone else.

  • Yes, Republicans should put the good of the country above their party loyalty.

    The party loyalty is one of the most frustrating things about the two-party system. People blindly support "their" candidate because they're Republican or Democrat even if they don't believe in that person's morals, values and views. If people took a step back and considered what was best for the country as a whole, we might not be in such a mess.

  • Yes, our country should reign the highest level of choice.

    George Washington was neither and was a federalist, neither here nor there. I believe it to be second nature that those early Presidents were thought of as having the future of our nation as their highest priority. In the life of Parties I am not sure when they were created, however, it is quite clear that currently our nation is not the priority and this needs to be corrected in the minds of all Americans.

  • Yes, Republicans should put country above party.

    Yes, Republicans should put country above party. It is my opinion that the close-minded and myopic viewpoint that Sean Hannity expressed by flipping out over Republicans who won't back Trump exemplifies the dangerous and divisive sentiments of the Trump campaign and platform. By demoting the Presidency to a simple two-party binary, Hannity is ignoring the fact that voters can chose by candidate rather than overall party system to best represent their opinions and allegiances in the White House.

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