Sean Taylor: Should Sean Taylor be inducted in into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

  • The greatest ever

    He changed the game for many,his work ethic blew everyone away, he would have been the greatest of all time without a doubt. You saw him, I saw him and we all know he deserves this, it shouldn't be about the longevity of his career. It should be more about how he impacted the game and what his accomplishments were in the game.

  • Sean Taylor Should be Inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame

    Sean Taylor should be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Though he died young and did not have the longevity of his career that many other players have, Taylor was an excellent player with the statistics to demonstrate his skill. He had a strong following of supporters, and inducting him into the Hall of Fame would be a great way to honor his life and career as a football player.

  • It's not likely because he didn't play long enough.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't look like he played long enough to get in. He probably would have made it if his precious life did not end so abruptly, but it did.The NFL may have inducted into the Hall of Fame if he had played longer, but his career was just too short to tell.

  • No, Taylor didn't play long enough to be inducted.

    Despite the man's stellar skill at safety and his untimely and tragic demise, it is my opinion that Sean Taylor did not play long enough in the NFL to merit induction into the Hall of Fame. Players will often have whats Known as "flash in the pan years" where they will be good for a stretch of time and then whatever skill they may have had fades away. These players may have been fun to watch but they are not Hall of Fame caliber. It may be unfair, but Sean Taylor was, through no fault of his own, unable to prove himself more than a flash in the pan in the four years he played professional football.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    No. Unfortunately for Taylor his career was cut short, but 3 and a half seasons simply isn't enough and he only played at a great level for that last season and a half. Put it this way, Terrell Davis had a better career (4 straight good/great seasons and 3 straight injury riddled seasons) and he likely will never get voted into the Hall of Fame.

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